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Constantine recap: Constantine recap, "Danse Vaudou"

John has to team up with Papa Midnite and a new friend, Jim Corrigan, to stop a trio of spirits terrorizing on New Orleans.

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Constantine Recap
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After last week’s big improvement of an episode, Constantine continued down the right path with “Danse Vaudou.” The episode brings back the imposing Papa Midnite, gives John’s trusty pal Chas more of a spotlight, and expands into more of the DC Comics universe by introducing Emmett Scanlan as detective Jim Corrigan.

Splitting the episode’s attention among all these characters leads to what is perhaps the most structurally conventional episode of Constantine so far. That’s not necessarily a knock against the episode, but unsurprisingly, as has been the case in prior weeks, “Vaudou” is at its best when John is bouncing off his friends, or begrudgingly cooperative enemies in the case of Midnite. The plights of John, Zed, and Chas play out to varying degrees of success, but there’s enough promise from the episode’s high points to maintain the show’s promise that “A Feast of Friends” demonstrated.

A location swap was in order for “Vaudou,” however, after a mysterious murder occurs in New Orleans (not that John get out of bed for anything less than a peculiar death). Detective Corrigan, relieving himself in an alleyway next to a bar, drunkenly stumbles into a crime scene. A chatty woman on her phone walking through the same alley encounters another woman wearing a surgical mask. “Do you think I’m pretty,” Mask Girl asks, and the other woman can barely form a syllable before this masked figure stabs her with a pair of sewing shears. Jim unloads a full clip from his gun on Mask Girl, but the bullets disappear as she flees the scene.

Such a bizarre death calls out to John, Zed, and Chas on their magical map of America. The trio makes the trek after Zed has a vision of a small boy being taught to shoot a gun by his mother, which will prove to come in handy.

They arrive on the scene, where John pulls out one of his many supernatural gadgets for detecting otherworldly presences. Jim appears in the alleyway, and he doesn’t take too kindly to occult investigators, or con men, as he sees the group. The detective is even more thrown off when Zed asks him about what his mother taught him about shooting–it seems Jim is the young boy from Zed’s vision, wearing the same scowl on his face 20 years later.

Later that evening, Zed  has another vision, this time of a roadway in the woods. A car swerves into view and almost hits Zed, but, indicating a second spirit is wreaking havoc in the area

Who might be in that car? Well, it’s a good chance it’s Phillip, the young man who hitches a ride from a creepy older man. Their trip is short lived, as the lanky boy disappears from the passenger’s seat and pops up, bloodied and bruised, directly in front of the man’s car. The surprise causes the man to lose control of his car, which careens straight into a tree. Looks like Zed is two for two with these visions tonight.

John, Zed, and Chas investigate the crash, but there’s no sign of Phillip and the now-deceased old man. To make matters worse, Jim shows up to arrest John. “Anyone who calls the police about an accident before it happens isn’t a psychic, he’s a murderer,” he says to John.

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