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Community recap: John Hodgman and the expelled Greendale Seven

‘Community’ may be renewed (Yay!) but the Greendale Seven are still expelled and thrown off the scent of Operation Doppel-Deaner by John Hodgman’s psycho shrink.

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Huzzah, Community fans! Our beloved show has been saved! Yes, word broke yesterday evening that NBC has picked up Community for a fourth season of 13 episodes. I’ve pretty much worn a hole in my carpet from the Lindbergh Lean I’ve danced to celebrate.

However, in Greendale proper, things were not as rosy. Rape was up 8%. General Chang still secretly controlled the school with his Puppet Dean, Fake Moby. And our study group had now lived two months in the cruel exile known as expulsion.

But as this show tells us every week, there’s comfort to be found even in the midst of the cruelest adversity. Comfort to be found in…community. And so the Greendale Seven still convened for potluck dinners. Troy really wanted to make his own food: bagel bites in a deconstructed hot pocket reduction with a Doritos glaze. Not quite the thing for hungover Britta, who had turned to Demon Rum after being cast out of paradise. At least Jeff brought a pack of lifesavers as his potluck contribution. Those are organic, right?

And Abed? Abed decided to bring “delicious Police,” as Troy would say. I’m afraid Mr. Nadir—I’m sorry, that’d be Inspector Spacetime– had become increasingly obsessed with Greendale post-expulsion and was rummaging through the garbage bins on the outskirts of the campus looking for evidence that the Dean had indeed been replaced by an impostor. A Blorgon plot? Possibly. No matter what, this police officer — I believe the same one who acted like he shot a guy in front of Annie — could use a lesson in intergalactic protocol. I love how Abed tapped the cadet’s badge for good measure. The cop had two items of advice to share with them: First, the Dean had ordered Abed to see a shrink, or else he’d press charges. Second, they really need to stop propping open their front door with that fire brick. Forget the safety issues. That thing’s an antique! And a unique piece of Americana that could fetch them $60. Line of the Night No. 7, Courtesy of Troy Barnes: “Sixty dollars?! Hello, rich people? Troy’s joining you! Yes, I’ll hold.”

For moral support the whole study group joined Abed for his session with Dr. Heidi. Who better to play this nefarious headshrinker than The Daily Show’s own stuffy-academic-in-residence John Hodgman? Sure, he had his hands full with all seven of them, but at least since Britta’s a psych major, she was able to have his back, bro. Good for her, especially since Abed really doesn’t like doctors and even tried once to remove his own tonsils. He’s always been a little crazy, we know, but lately it had gotten worse. Line of the Night No. 6, Courtesy of Troy Barnes: “You have to understand about Abed…he’s usually ‘adorable weird’ like Mork from Ork. But since we got expelled he’s been ‘creepy weird’ like present-day Robin Williams.” Not that there wasn’t a bit of a ramp-up before.

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