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Colony season 1 finale ecap: Gateway

Los Angeles is about to be changed forever… along with Will and Katie’s relationship

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Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network


TV Show
Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
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Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, Peter Jacobson
USA Network
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In Season

The first season of Colony has been an interesting ride. Far from being the sci-fi show that it might have looked like from previews, Colony quickly established itself as a complex story with a focus on human relationships, families, politics, with hints of mythology. It was a first season that in some ways was clearly paving the way for more, but now that we’ve arrived on the other side of the wall, so to speak, I’m really looking forward to seeing a lot of these complex relationships and stories evolve.

And speaking of the other side of the wall, that’s where our cold open takes place (hello, Santa Monica Pier). It seems that things are decidedly less peaceful here than they are in the Los Angeles bloc: There are people scavenging for food, homeless men walking around… and three street kids who are running from Red Hats. The kids steal a homeless man’s stash, which contains food as well as a gun. “Let’s take this stuff to Soloman and trade it for breakfast,” says one of the kids, who we learn is the Bowman’s missing son, Charlie. Who is Soloman? And why do we only get a brief glimpse at Charlie? Darn this show for teasing us with all the important things!

At home, Will is woken up by Jennifer and some Red Hats, who tell him about the resistance’s involvement in kidnapping a VIP. She’s not exactly happy that she’s on the outside of all of this, but Will says he’s just trying to protect her. When they get to Homeland Security, Helena Goldwyn is there to brief them on the situation. Helena says the captured was one of the Hosts and when Will asks where Snyder is, he learns that Helena is running the show now. And this isn’t good, because now that a Host has been captured, Helena’s worried they’re going to take action. “This is what happened in Dallas. And look what happened to them,” she says. Wait… what happened in Dallas? Just how far does all of this go? Is Los Angeles really the best place to be right now? Because if so, I’m a little scared.

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Will goes home and finds Maddie and tells her to take the kids somewhere safe. Maddie admits she can get them into the green zone, though Bram isn’t so willing to come along. When Will calls his son out for knowing Katie’s secret, Bram ends up giving Will the number Katie gave him in the last episode. He wants to help in some way, but Will’s not having it. Pay attention to your kids, Will! This is exactly what you argued about last week, and you’re both not doing a very good job at being parents right now.

Getting into the green zone, it turns out, is far from easy even with Maddie’s VIP-type status. This is mostly because everyone is freaked out and trying to escape to someplace safe. She forces the woman who is letting people in to call Nolan. After getting the kids safely inside, Nolan tells Maddie about the resistance abducting one of “them” and he also tells her that Snyder’s out as Proxy. He needs to pick a side, but he doesn’t want to pick the wrong one. I kind of love seeing Maddie playing her cards like this; it’s been really fun to see her character evolve. She’s kind of a Cersei or a Sansa, in a way — someone who grew her loyalties quietly, focused on herself, and knew how to play the game.

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