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Chicago P.D. finale recap: Start Digging

The P.D. tries to keep Voight from the dark side in the last episode of season 3

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Welp. We knew we were going to witness Hank Voight journeying back to his dark side in the season 3 finale of Chicago P.D., but we didn’t expect him to take up such permanent residence therein … or to be so justified in doing so. Turns out, there are a few seminal triggers for the good-ish detective, one of which is putting a bullet in his only son’s head.

At first, it seems like the old “like father, like son” idiom might be coming true (again) when it comes to the Voight men because while young Justin had cleaned his act up — with hopes of breaking the cycle from perpetuating on with his own now-1-year-old son — his recent behavior makes it seem like he has again succumbed to the irresistible siren song of trouble.

The body of a 26-year-old single mother named Melissa Wilds turns up in her own trunk — bound with barbed wire, with a slit throat and her fingernails yanked off to remove any skin cell DNA she might have scratched off by fighting her attacker — and it’s not long before dots are connected between her and Justin. He’s already had Hank’s eyebrows raised by sneaking in and out of town without notice during a recent “visit to a friend.”

So, when Melissa is connected to him via phone records, the first impulse is to think that he’s reneging on his new above-the-line lifestyle. But then he’s found in the back of his own trunk, confined by the exact same bindings as Melissa, with a gunshot wound to the head, and barely alive. Now this investigation is personal, and there are no holds that will be barred when it comes to Hank’s fight to find out whoever’s done this to his boy.

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Commander Crowley has already given Hank an unrelated 48-hour window within which to accept a “meritorious” promotion to lieutenant — raising his crew to 50 and his salary to boot — but he knows that what’s really happening here. The department doesn’t trust his loose cannon “old school” modalities, especially not with all the heat the city is getting from Kim Burgess’ high-profile shooting case of Michael Ellis. And they’re right not to have faith in his commitment to the badge, clearly, because two days is plenty of time for Hank to land himself, and the entire Intelligence Unit, in very hot water. Or on a scalding hot stove top burner, as the case may be.

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