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Chicago Fire recap: Season 5, Episode 6

Yes, they do mean THAT day

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Chicago Fire

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Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. are now both on winter hiatus, so tonight it’s all about Chicago Fire. Even without the other shows, though, there’s plenty to unpack with the week’s single episode, so here’s what went down in One Chicago this week.

Chicago Fire Season 5, Episode 6: “That Day”

A lot is happening at Firehouse 51 this week — so much so that the last-minute gutwrencher that gives this episode its name is somewhat underserviced, even. Perhaps Dick Wolf & Co. were doing us all a favor by not bearing down too hard on the 9/11 memorial moment that comes in as the clincher tonight, because goodness knows this country doesn’t need anything else to be sad or anxious about right now. But Chief Wallace Boden’s words that “the future is here” after he recounts the heroism of those first responders’ actions in and around the rubble of America’s gravest hour could foreshadow a future interest in moving outside of the Windy City for yet another spin-off devoted to his old FDNY friends? Hey, it could happen … there’s not much room for another Chicago expansion after Justice kicks off, after all.

But first thing’s first. Sylvie and Antonio have finally, FINALLY taken their flirtation to the next level. Sylvie pulls the old lingerie-under-the-trenchcoat routine during an impromptu visit to his apartment and declares that this is not just a housecall for sexy time or fodder for her next steamy book chapter; she really likes him, and he likes her, too. Relationship, consider yourself developed.

Gabby Dawson, meanwhile, finds herself sweating for an entirely different reason. While she’s en route to pick up a girl who’s been impaled by a skylight after playing on the roof like a bona fide doof, she runs over a pedestrian and puts him in a coma. Gabby wasn’t going over speed, and her sirens were on full blast, but somehow the guy still stepped right into the line of traffic and made a man-shaped dent in the EMS hood as a result of it.

His son hires a hotshot attorney to run the city for all its worth — and Gabby, too, for that matter — and what’s worse is that the CFD Powers that Be aren’t planning to have her back on this issue, even though she and Sylvie are both adamant that the collision couldn’t have been avoided. As Casey rightly points out, the city has deep pockets, and this attorney is throwing up blinders to the guy’s history of suicide attempts because all he can possibly see right now are dollar signs if he goes full speed ahead. Dawson’s not one to suffer being called a “sweetheart” by said council or back down from an opportunity to clear her name, so she decides to confront the comatose patient’s son with the (circumstantial) proof that he jumped in front of their ambo on purpose. He seems surprised by this revelation of his self-harming history but doesn’t precisely drop the suit just yet — either we’re left to believe he will see reason, or he, too, will ignore the evidence that’s piled up before him right now.

Meanwhile, Boden is playing father figure to another young firehouse hopeful, and this time it’s his actual son — er stepson — James. James agrees to spend a few shifts at the station to learn the ropes and decide for himself if this is the life for him, but he doesn’t seem too hot on the idea of running into burning buildings until he hears Boden wax poetic about the test of faith and hope that the September 11th attacks took on those on the ground the day after, as they relentlessly peeled back concrete but found not a single survivor amidst the buildings’ wreckage. Does James have a future in uniform now after laying eyes on one of the first responders’ finest moments of all time? Quite possibly.

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