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Carmela is still married to the Mob

Carmela is still married to the Mob. Meanwhile, Tony B. can’t go straight (of course, he stopped trying), and AJ can’t get along with either of his parents, says Alynda Wheat

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Edie Falco, The Sopranos
Carmela: Abbot Genser

The Sopranos

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Carmela is still married to the Mob

When Mr. Wegler and Carmela started dating it seemed their biggest threat would be that lumbering bear to whom she’s still technically hitched. It seemed logical, no? — screw Tony’s wife, get screwed by Tony. And so it was, but not how one might think. Though Carm might’ve been blindsided by Wegler admitting that he felt like she had used him, the man may have a point.

Hear me out… You gotta wonder what kind of woman marries a man in the Mob in the first place. What kind of supposedly God-fearing Catholic stays with a guy who kills and directs others to do so because it’s in his job description? Someone who’d threaten bodily harm if her daughter didn’t get into an Ivy League school (remember that little gem of maternal affection from a couple of seasons back?). Someone who has the foresight to take a gun out of the cabinet and stick it under her pillow. In other words, the kind of woman who isn’t completely a victim.

Oh sure, she can lie on her bed and cry to her daddy all she wants about how she’s so misunderstood as the wife of a sociopath. But I ain’t buying it. Not that I was supposed to. What ”The Sopranos” does very well is to remind its audience every once in a while that these are not good people. Just because Carmela isn’t running around whipping out a Glock or kicking people stupid doesn’t make her entirely innocent.

And since we’ve veered onto the subject of kicking people stupid, let’s talk Tony B. He was thisclose to making it on his own, and what happens? Found money. It’s the best feeling when you discover an extra $5 in your pants pocket. But hit upon $12 grand and start rolling like a wiseguy, and it’s almost impossible to go back to the shiatsu and the koi. Why kick the crap out of his partner? Because being a good guy takes its toll — especially when being bad is so much easier. So let him earn.

We must end with the kid who brought Carm and her part-time lover together: AJ. Raise your hand if you did a happy dance when Tony slammed him into a wall then dumped his breakfast. Beautiful — not that I advocate violence against kids. Even wiseass kids. But still. What a shame, then, that this nice little setup had to end, with AJ wanting to go back to Carmela and Tony seconding that emotion. What are those two, mama’s boys?