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Brothers and Sisters recap: No Country for Old Women

Sarah confronts her birthday, Nora confronts her mirror, and Kitty confronts a hot new plumber

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Brothers and Sisters

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This week’s Brothers and Sisters was all about being something you’re not. Birthday girl Sarah, executive chef Kitty, and plastic surgery-enticed Nora all realized that at the end of the day/episode, it might be better to be their silly old selves, even if those selves make horrible decisions like Sarah wriggling away from Luc during a standing snuggle in the kitchen. WTF?

Sarah was upset — it was her [Number Unknown]th birthday and she felt insecure because Luc thought she was only turning 40. Luc initially set her off by comparing her to his grandma darning socks (bad idea on any day, dreamboat) and it was all downhill from there. He promised they could have a quiet dinner to themselves, but Kitty and Kevin immediately snuffed out Sarah’s last remaining glimmer of hope about life/love/happiness in general by informing her over the phone that the surprise party was that night. “Everyone’s invited,” Kevin taunted her. “Ugh, God!” Sarah moaned for the first of many times all night. What could possibly be worse than hanging out with her family?

Nora was also receiving abuse for being old. Her catty boss at the flower shop told her “It might be time to throw out your abacus and join the 20th century.” Burn, flower shop cougar, burn! And the agony of Nora the melty, wilting flower only intensified as her newly taut-faced friend Celia flitted by the flower shop to brag about how hot and stretched she had recently become. Best line of the night for me was Nora’s reaction to Celia asking if she looked like she’d just woken up from a nice long nap. “Or a coma!” chirped Nora good-naturedly. Loved it.

But Nora was convinced to change her face anyway, and ended up confiding in Sarah, who is no stranger to the 21st-century wonder of caller ID. I loved this part, too, when Sarah let her imagination run wild after Nora asked her to push the “ignore” button on Dr. Bentley. “Oh my God…You’re dying, aren’t you. You are. You’re dying.” Oh, the drama! I was cracking up because moments like these remind me of what a freaking soap opera this show is. And usually it’s serious!

But no. Nora was merely dying on the inside…about how old she is on the outside. Just like Sarah. To the plastic surgery office they went! This was also a really fun scene — Sally Field and Rachel Griffiths are always great together. Nora: “I hate that my face is so disorganized now. My chin is down at my neck, it’s just a mess. I feel like I’ve been hanging in the closet too long.” And Sarah, re: the family’s boob tendencies. “Kitty might have gotten the champagne glasses, but I got the jugs.”

The sink in Champagne Kitty’s Ojai rental house exploded, so she had to call a sexy plumber who was so hot and spicy that I shall be calling him Pepper Jack. (His name is Jack.) I loved how Kitty stood above him with a glass of red wine in broad daylight, blatantly checking him out as he worked on the floor. Pepper Jack complained about typical Ojai renters from big cities who walk around with their creepy bluetooth devices on their ears, so Kitty nudged hers just out of sight (but not too far away because she might need it). She told Pepper Jack her name was Leslie — the woman who owns the house.

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