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Brothers and Sisters recap: Gown But Not Forgotten

While Rebecca, Kitty, and Nora bond over wedding dresses, Kevin has to choose between Scotty and the faraway Reverend Boyfriend; meanwhile, Nora dates Chevy Chase

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Craig Sjodin

Brothers and Sisters

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Bebe Moore Campbell

Do you like characters who say what they mean and mean what they do, or do you prefer them to keep you guessing? I’m asking because I find myself increasingly uncomfortable with Robert and Kitty’s impending nuptials. So much that I couldn’t even enjoy them dancing to live Lyle Lovett at the Hollywood Bowl — and I love Lyle Lovett. I’m still confused about whether Robert actually did change his mind about having children with Kitty: He told two different people that he didn’t want more kids, then he told her that he did. I assumed he was lying because he couldn’t bear to break Kitty’s heart after her miscarriage. If that’s the case, I can’t swoon over his attempt to give her what she wants (a special first dance) when he has no desire to give her what she needs (a partner who wants to raise a family).

But regardless of my trust issues, the wedding is on, and this episode was all about setting the stage for next week’s big event. To thank Rebecca for alerting the family to Justin’s relapse, Kitty asked her to be a bridesmaid — a move that the show’s writers acknowledged was far-fetched by having Rebecca say that she wasn’t even sure if she’d be invited to the ceremony. I hate to admit it, but I started to like Rebecca in that bridal shop. Holly’s pep talk about her needing to stop worrying about what the Walkers think and speak her mind was good advice — and I totally bought that Kitty and Sarah would appreciate having another sister to help them gang up on Nora. Of course, the three sisters’ bonding just means it will be even harder when we find out that Rebecca isn’t really William’s daughter. (We’re all still thinking that’s where we’re headed, right?)

Rebecca and Justin are also on good terms now, though he remains a mystery to me: How can he be so clear-headed when he’s apologizing to Rebecca for his intervention outburst and so blind when he’s accepting a coffee date with Lena? If he’s serious about staying clean, would he really be so stupid as to sleep with the girl who popped one of his painkillers for fun the first time they met? (That made about as much sense to me as Lena being shocked that Justin hadn’t seen Blades of Glory. Blades of Glory?) Obviously, Lena wants to punish Tommy for dropping her — especially now that Julia and Lizzie have returned home and he needs Lena to pretend nothing happened. But I can’t figure out if Lena’s evil. She does twisted things — like tell Justin she’d been dating a married man — but doesn’t seem to take villain-level enjoyment from them. Is she a master manipulator, or just someone who doesn’t get that it’s wrong to screw a married man, then sleep with his brother (a guy who doesn’t need to add to his list of issues, which includes being a wounded vet, junkie, and mama’s boy)?

Also confusing me this episode: everything that came out of guest star Steven Weber’s mouth. From what I could decipher, he’s playing Graham, a consultant who wants to take Ojai Food to China and Sarah to bed. He sold me on the former point, but I hope Sarah continues to play hard to get on the latter. I might be able to get past Graham’s haircut, but I’m gonna need to see a lot more personality if I’m to believe he can trade barbs with that Walker.

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