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Brothers and Sisters season finale recap: News Clash!

Kevin announces he and Scotty are getting married; Justin tells everyone that Rebecca isn’t a Walker; Sarah reports there may be another Walker son; and Saul comes out

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Scott Garfield

Brothers and Sisters

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Bebe Moore Campbell

”I feel like we’ve been preempted by a special news bulletin.”

That was Scotty’s reaction when Kevin came home from reporting their engagement to his family and announced that Rebecca is not a Walker. It’s also how I felt when this episode ended and I realized that I was no longer basking in the afterglow of the boys’ Nora-enhanced nuptials. Instead, I was already wondering where the writers will take this ”William might still have a sixth child out there” story line next season. Honestly, what’s the point? Is it just to show that Holly might’ve been telling the truth when she said she never lied to William about Rebecca being his daughter, or will the Walkers now try to find Ryan, the son of the late lobbyist William presumably partied with when he went to food-industry conventions?

Let’s back up. The season finale of Brothers & Sisters began with a family meeting at Nora’s house. Of course, Kevin assumed it was because they’d somehow found out that he’d gotten engaged to Scotty. But actually, it was so Nora could stall long enough that Justin took it upon himself to share the news about Rebecca: ”Rebecca’s not our sister. Dad wasn’t her dad. DNA, gotta love it.” (You also gotta love that they’re letting Justin be funny and such a dude, as of late. Now if we can just get him a job other than family courier…) Sarah immediately went into Blame-Holly Mode, and before long, she and Tommy were questioning Holly about her intentions regarding the merger of Walker Landing and Ojai Foods. Holly admitted she knew about Rebecca’s paternity test but said her only motivation was the feeling that she owed it to William to save his company. Sarah threatened to sue Holly for fraud, believing that the only reason William would’ve left her $10 million was that he thought Rebecca was his. (That’s when Holly denied lying to William. Who believes her?) Super-sleuth Sarah went back through her father’s personal files, and stumbled onto the picture that started it all — a baby sitting on William’s car. At Kevin’s wedding, she gave the photo to Rebecca, who said it wasn’t even her. During the sibling meeting that followed, everyone thought Sarah was crazy for suggesting that they could still have a half brother or sister somewhere with the initial R. But later, thanks to Kevin’s amazing memory of his father’s first attempt to bond with him after he came out of the closet, he recalled that the photo was of a boy named Ryan. William had said it was the son of a female friend who’d passed away. Kevin and Sarah eventually told Nora, and while part of me wanted to hear her reaction — we just saw her sink to her seat — part of me was happy that we didn’t. I didn’t have tissues handy, and I’m confident Sally Field would have made me need one. How poignant that earlier in the episode, Nora told Kevin that even if you expect the worst of someone, that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt when it happens. And here she was, hearing that her husband might have had more than one affair — an idea that we saw both her and Holly contemplate at his grave earlier in the season.

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