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Brothers and Sisters recap: Getting Away With Mergers

Kevin asks Scotty to marry him, and Holly and Tommy offer to save Ojai by taking it over; plus, Rebecca tells Justin she’s not really his sister

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Craig Sjodin

Brothers and Sisters

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Bebe Moore Campbell

I love sweeps weeks. It’s that blessed time when shows aren’t afraid to move their plots. And no one is better at go time than Brothers & Sisters.

I actually applauded at the end of this episode when Kevin, having seen various family members take a nosedive into the lake of unhappiness, proposed to Scotty. I would have accepted that heartfelt but not saccharine proposal — even from a man who I knew was gay. It was that good. Kevin realized how lucky he was to come home to someone who is kind and caring — and who changes the light bulbs. ”Because I changed the light bulbs?” asked Scotty when Kevin popped the question. Yes. And no. Because he also makes Kevin feel that he can just be himself, and that whatever that is, on whatever day, it’s good enough. That’s the definition of family, which is what Kevin wants him and Scotty to be. (Applause!)

Of course, I also appreciated the irony of Mr. Sarcasm being the ray of sunshine in this otherwise drama-filled episode. At the start of the hour, Ojai Foods was still in serious doo-doo because that Golden Plum deal went so far south that it made an appearance at Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby shower. Though Graham tried to tell Saul and Sarah to look on the bright side of their $20 million problem — ”This is not the end. The bank can’t take your knowledge and experience.” (Slap!) — they knew it was their family on the line. Well, their family except for Kitty, apparently, who for some reason was never contacted to help figure out how to save the company in 48 hours. I know that she’s the farthest removed from Ojai — and that she and Robert were busy with their own 48-hour fertility window (he wanted to do it on the coffee table, so he’s switching parties?) — but come on. Someone should’ve called her. Or at least said they tried to call her. Especially after Nora insisted no stone go unturned and took Sarah to beg Tommy and Holly to put their winery, Walker Landing, up for collateral.

For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why Sarah was taking the fall for Saul. Person after person belittled her for ”signing off” on the deal: Nora thought she lost the vision of the family company; Kevin and Tommy thought her relationship with Graham had her following him blindly. But after Saul told Nora the truth, and Nora went to apologize for the things she said to Sarah, we got our answer: Sarah felt guilty for acting like a schoolgirl (i.e., asking Saul to deliver the ”no go” message to the boy she liked) at the company her father chose her to run. Maybe it’s a good thing, Nora said, if Tommy and Holly wouldn’t help. Ojai would go out of business, and Sarah would be out from under her father’s thumb. But as it turned out, Sarah actually does want the responsibility of keeping the business her father built afloat — which is why she agreed to Holly’s counteroffer, merging Walker Landing and Ojai. Sarah and Tommy will be co-presidents; Holly will be chairman and CEO and have the tie-breaking vote when needed.

NEXT: How evil is Holly?

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