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Brothers and Sisters recap: The Gay Divorcee

Seeking courage to sign the papers ending her marriage with Joe, Sarah parties with Kevin and Scotty’s friends, then drunk-dials Graham; plus, Robert wins Michigan

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Scott Garfield

Brothers and Sisters

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Bebe Moore Campbell

Last week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I wrote a PopWatch post asking people to name the TV character they’d date in real life. I should also have written one asking which character you’d most like to befriend. For me, it’s Brothers & Sisters‘ Sarah Walker, and this episode is the perfect example why.

So, Sarah’s divorce papers were ready for her to sign, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Not even after finding out that her ex, Joe, was whisking his new girlfriend/first wife off to Paris for her birthday — which had always been Sarah’s dream. Naturally, liquid courage was needed. Since Kitty was out of town for the Michigan primary (more on that later), and we’re apparently not allowed to see Tommy two weeks in a row, Kevin was called upon to ”do what Walkers do best” (otherwise known as ”commiserate with a bottle of tequila”). He picked the gay bar where Scotty and his friends had gone for karaoke night so that he could prove that he wasn’t, in fact, as uptight as they thought. Now at first, I was upset that Kevin had said he wasn’t the ”karaoke type,” but after much thought over a drink of my own (see, BFFs, Sarah!), I accepted that he is too much of a control freak to risk looking like a fool. The scenes with Kevin, Sarah, and Scotty’s ”girls” were exactly the scenario I’d hope to find myself in if I ever had to sign divorce papers (or have a bachelorette party). Keeping with the realism, Sarah tried to get Kevin to duet on Dolly Parton’s ”9 to 5,” because he’d once said Dolly’s were the only pair of breasts he’d ever noticed, and when he refused — he needed something ”less corporate” — she killed with a solo rendition of Cher’s ”Believe.” I sincerely hope that the actor playing Scotty’s friend who said, ”What man in his right mind would divorce you?” while looking at Sarah so adoringly gets more work. Loved him. Of course, Kevin had his best pissy face on until he took the stage to murder ”What’s New Pussycat?” His sad-sack rendition of ”Always on My Mind” was endearing, and rightfully won Scotty’s friends over and gave my new favorite bit player another moment for his clip reel with ”Girls, I never thought I’d say this: I don’t hate him.”

Scotty’s pals persuaded Sarah to have someone at her office messenger her divorce papers to the bar, and Graham (guest star Steven Weber) delivered them himself. I guess because we saw Sarah warming to his advances last week — and because she insisted she knew what she was doing despite the Patrón — we’re supposed to think it’s fine that Graham took her back to his place. And I suppose it is. I’ve got more of a problem with Sarah saying that she was going to strut out to her car. How did her car get to Graham’s place? Is their office close enough to the bar that he just walked? Doubtful. Did he drive her car and leave his at the bar? Impractical and unlikely. Regardless, I finally started to see a little chemistry between Rachel Griffiths and Weber, which was nice. Sarah said she likes to be ”on the market,” which I’m hoping means she won’t rush into a relationship with Graham and we’ll get to see her dating other hot guest stars while occasionally boinking Graham when one of those evenings goes wrong.

In other Walker news, Nora was frustrated that she wasn’t getting enough phone time with Isaac (guest star Danny Glover). It seems Robert’s lock on the Republican nomination was being picked by a dark-horse candidate, and the campaign had to make a stand in Michigan. I was surprised that I didn’t mind seeing Robert’s kids, who spent most of their time in a king-size bed with Kitty nursing the flu and making cracks about her chest size. Anyone else panic that the hotel would leak to the media that a porn movie had been purchased in Senator McCallister’s suite?

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