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'Broadchurch' season 2 finale recap: Episode 8

After spending much of the season on the Sandbrook case, the Great Scot (along with Miller, of course) has finally figured out whodunit… was he right all along?

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This is it, guys. It’s almost over. And while I can’t wait to find out what happened at Sandbrook, part of me is sad it’s ending. (At least we now know there will be a season 3.)

We left the show last week with a major cliffhanger, waiting to see if Joe Miller is going to be convicted of killing Danny Latimer or not. We open onto the courtroom.

The jury has reached a majority verdict. The have found Joe Miller…NOT GUILTY. NOT GUILTY. I’m in as much shock as Beth and Mark, who along with their daughter begin sobbing. And just like that, Joe Miller is free to leave. The child killer. As he gets up to go, he glances back at his wife Ellie Miller, and she stares at him with such vitriol it’s almost scary.

Beth runs out of the courtroom in a shock, and Tom sobs into his aunt Lucy.

Claire, who is sitting next to Alec Hardy, asks if he’s okay, and in return he tells her he’s arresting her for the death of Pippa Gillespie and Lisa Newbury. She nods, like she was expecting for him to say this.

Outside the courtroom, Alec is furious at the decision. “What does it take to destroy lives forever? 12 people. 12 ordinary stupid hard-of-thinking assholes!” he shouts at his ex-wife, Tess. He then tells her he’s arresting Claire, and Tess nods and says she’s sitting in with him. He shakes his head. “No, I need Miller,” he says. Damn right, you need Miller.

Are there any restrictions on where he can go? No. How to appeal? You can’t.

Back at the court, Jocelyn and Sharon are changing out of their wigs and robes. “How are the families taking it?” Sharon asks. She has some nerve. “Maybe you should have thought of them before taking on the case,” Jocelyn replies. “Please don’t be a sore loser,” says Sharon. “And don’t be shitty winner,” Jocelyn says.

Jocelyn goes on to tell Sharon that all she wanted was for Sharon to show the world how brilliant she was, and Sharon says that the entire law game is a sham anyway. “Street fighting in wigs,” she calls it. Jocelyn retorts, “There are wins that help you sleep at night and others that keep you awake. I’d stock up on the sleeping pills.” BURN. I really enjoy it when Jocelyn is being feisty.

Outside the courtroom Ellie is livid over the decision too, and Alec tells Ellie her anger is how he felt after Lee Ashworth got off for the Sandbrook murders. Don’t fight it or let it go, he says. Stoke it. “I need someone as angry as me right now because we are going to close the case on Claire and Lee Ashworth whatever it takes. Together.” Ellie looks forlorn, but he tells her, “You can’t change what happened, but you can make sure another killer goes down.”

We see Joe Miller get into a taxi and drive off. A free man. He looks away as he passes the Latimers, who drive away themselves in a stunned silence.

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