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Breaking Bad recap: 'Breaking Bad' recap -- 'Buried'

As Walt tries to hide the evidence of his meth empire, Hank hopes Skyler will talk, and Jesse gets taken into custody

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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

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Breaking Bad has, at its core, always been about family. Walt wanted to leave a legacy behind for his; Jesse continues to search for one of his own. And how can we forget all of the Schraders and the Whites’ backyard barbecues? These bonds, forged from blood and circumstance, are strengthened and broken by the end of the latest episode, “Buried,” setting up perhaps the ultimate family feud.

Skyler quickly establishes herself as a surprising ally to her husband, creating a huge rift with her sister and brother-in-law. We first see Walt exiting Hank’s garage, desperately trying to reach his wife on the phone. The garage door opens again, and Hank is clutching his cell. Walter and Hank exchange a look, and it’s clear — Skyler is talking to Hank. Walt thinks he’s screwed.

But when teary-eyed Skyler meets with Hank in a diner, and the DEA agent pleads with his wife’s sister to give up her husband, Skyler refuses. In the process, Hank lets it slip that Walter’s cancer is back, which is news to Skyler — leading Hank to the conclusion Walter is lying about the disease.

Hank then switches tactics, appealing to Skyler’s love for her sister in his attempt to get her to talk. “No one in the world is more important to me than your sister,” he says. “So believe me when I tell you that your best interest and mine are the same.”

Skyler won’t take the bait. “Hank, you telling me not to talk to a lawyer doesn’t sound like that. It sounds like what you want is to get Walt at all costs.”

Later on, Hank brings Marie to the White home. Marie knocks on the door and tells her sister that she won’t leave until Skyler lets her into the house. Skyler grants her entrance, without Hank. Marie does her best to get Skyler to talk, but she just sits there, her stoicism only betrayed by the tears in her eyes.

Marie pieces together the point that Skyler knew about her husband’s actions. “Did you know since before Hank was shot?”

Skyler’s only recourse is to apologize. “Marie, I’m so sorry.” The words are not enough for Marie, who slaps her sister across the face.

“You won’t talk. You won’t talk to Hank because you think Walt is going to get away with this,” Marie screams, storming out of the White master bedroom. Skyler then hears her daughter crying. Marie wants to take the baby with her, calling out to Hank for help. The sisters start fighting and Hank admonishes his wife to put Holly down. Hank hurries after Marie, but not before giving Skyler the deadliest of looks. Outside in the car, Marie tells her husband, “You have to get him.”

So much for sisterly love. Marie has all but declared war on Skyler and Walt. Don’t expect any more White/Schrader bowling nights.

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