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Bones recap: The Life in the Light

It’s all about Angela’s passport.

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Is anyone else feeling a lot of Bones-related nostalgia right now? This isn’t the show’s last season, but it was written with the idea that it might be, which means we’re heading toward something that feels final—not how the show will end, but a vision of how it could have. It’s hitting me as it hits Hodgins, who stands overlooking the lab and considers what it means to leave it. Everything is happening at once. Hodgins and Angela are going to Paris. Booth and Brennan are reconciling. We finally know Angela’s real name.

It’s been seven and a half seasons since a private investigator revealed that Angela changed her name to Angela Montenegro at 18 after it came to her in a dream. We’ve had a long time to get used to not knowing, which might be why I had to fight the urge to press pause as Hodgins opened Angela’s passport. There’s no coming back from this milestone. But if Brennan’s taught us anything, it’s that change is the only constant—and without it, we wouldn’t know that Angela’s real name is Pookie Noodlin. I always pictured something musical or mystical, or maybe a reference to ZZ Top. This is so much better. It’s adorable. Angela would hate it.

But back to that passport: After watching Angela dream about a place in Paris for the past few weeks, Hodgins hands her a photo of the living room and tells her that he bought it. They’re moving on. “We’ve been here for 10 years, okay?” Hodgins says. “We deserve to see something new, to live a new life. You ready?” Of course she’s ready—she has been since day one. Is Hodgins? Hodgins loves this job, and the look on his face when he stares out at the lab says that this is going to hurt—but I like the idea that there’s no perfect time to move on. As Angela told Brennan a few years back, “You’re allowed to make life changes without picking a fight with your old life.”

What’s Brennan going to do without those chats with Angela? She looks so lost when she hears the news that Angela tries explaining what Paris is just to break her friend out of the funk. (“I’m familiar with Paris.”) Brennan isn’t mad, though—she knows what it is to want to be surprised by life. She never thought she’d be here for so long, either. Remember when Brennan was a world traveler?

At least Booth and Brennan are moving closer together. They’re having two-hour dinners at the diner. Booth is participating at his meetings, and he’s almost hit the 30-day sobriety mark. Brennan trusts him to watch Christine when she’s away, and he returns the favor by getting her coconut ice cream. This is promising. They’re also doing better at communicating on the job. Ex-con Micah Stanbow was found murdered in the woods, his body burned in a forest fire. Micah used to be the muscle for a biker gang, but he turned his life around as a yoga instructor. Last week, Bones used cookie jar collectors to warn us of the cost of addiction; this week, it’s telling redemption stories through hardened, bearded biker gangs. Sounds about right.

Micah ran a yoga studio with his girlfriend, Nan, but he was sleeping with one of his clients. The client, Elizabeth, has a record of assault. But Nan knew about the affair—she and Micah were in an open relationship. Nan was actually dating a hot artist until recently, so she’s fine. Booth and Aubrey pay that artist a visit, and he says that Micah stopped by on the day he died, only to leave when he got a phone call. He told the person on the other end that he’d be there in a few minutes and biked off.

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