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Bloodline season 2 finale recap: Part 23

If anything is true, it’s that you can’t trust a man who wears adventure sandals

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Saeed Adyani/Netflix


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Drama, Thriller
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Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek
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After 10 hours with the Rayburns, it’s hard to tell if that crashing noise you hear is your own body keeling over from mental exhaustion, the lives of each and every Rayburn falling down around them, or just the opening credits. Either way, we’re here at the end of the road, and there’s still a lot of puzzle left to be solved. In Marco’s mind, he’s basically one vowel away from asking Pat to solve the puzzle, but I have a feeling it’s going to get a bit more complicated for him before it gets resolved. Let’s jump in.

We kick off the episode with Angry Di back out on the deck, asking John about the drowning. At this point, John’s face is both completely devoid of all feeling and also dripping with sadness. He dodges the question and just scoots over to the fact that he said he’d tell Diana if they’re ever not safe… and it’s not looking so hot for the Rayburns. He tells her to do whatever it is that she has to do, but I don’t think he means it because she looks like she’s about to drown him herself.

Back on the beach of broken families, Marco is doing a little exploring after his conversation with O’Dirtbag. And the big joke of the whole season is that it’s actually O’Dirtbag that figures out that John was at the beach, not Marco. And in return, Marco promises him immunity. Two steps behind any actual breakthrough, Marco stumbles upon that private camera — the one with footage of John and Meg and Kevin and Ozzy and Eric and Greg and Marcia and Jan… you get the point. John shares the same footage with Meg but promises he will take the responsibility, but Meg makes a valid point: They’re on the camera. There’s no avoiding it. But Meg says she’s sick and tired of lying. Preach it, girl. And that’s when our old friend Ghost Danny makes a welcomed return, smoking a cigarette. Ghost Danny is so much more chill than real Danny, y’all.

Sally is hanging out at the inn, and guess who’s waiting on her? Everyone’s favorite livewire, Ozzy. He tells her she looks just like Danny, which is super shady. Anyway, he comes in and drops all the things that Sally hates about her life, but in a super cheerful tone just like only John Leguizamo can. Just in time Eve comes out and she gives Ozzy this, “WTF bro?” look. Eve just wants to take her dead boyfriend’s son and live with her almost-mother-in-law, ya know? It’s the new American dream!

Unfortunately, it’s not dreams for everyone because Marco and Aguirre’s operations have been shut down until Internal Affairs lifts their suspension, even with all the information they have on John. It appears that everyone is starting to have to face their demons, so it’s nice to see an innocent face come along in Lil’ Jake, who Kevin rehires back onto staff. But then he finds out that will probably be his last hire because Luis and Mr. Gilbert will be running the show soon. And on top of that, Meg drops the information on Kevin that O’Dirtbag is involved with the cops.

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And if you remember, Ozzy did not endorse that plan at all, so it’s no surprise when he shows up with his open-track jacket and gets pissed at O’Dirtbag. Eric pushes him, and that’s when Ozzy pulls a gun. But guess who has a bigger gun? Chelsea, who comes out with a solid over under 12 gauge meaning business. Meanwhile, Nolan has another flash to the past, remembering his meeting with Robert and Danny. He thanked Robert for all those nice checks he sent to Eve, but now Eve and Nolan live with Sally, who is curious about why Ozzy came to visit them. Eve explains that Ozzy is her ex and that Ozzy and Danny once robbed a drug store for pills to sell, as one does. Sally’s confused why he didn’t ask Robert for help, but he did…

AND THAT’S WHEN WE FLASH BACK! Danny excused Nolan so that he could ask Robert for money for the restaurant. Turns out Danny tried kind-of-hard to be a decent dad to Nolan. I might be using the term decent loosely, but in comparison to making out threeway style while hopped up on pills last season, this version of Danny feels pretty tame. Robert agrees to give the money to Danny for the restaurant, but if he takes it, he has to provide for Nolan on his own. So Danny chose Nolan. Not sure why he didn’t, you know, open up the restaurant and then take care of Nolan, but I guess parenthood is a tricky beast. Anyway, Nolan overhears all of this goes down, which can’t be great for his already bruised psyche.

Chelsea and John, my personal favorite duo ever, meet back up. I love Chelsea so much because she’s just trying to live her life, get her mom to take her medicine with her Ho Ho’s, and not have to use her shotgun. John asks if she’ll come down and try to identify Ozzy so they can get him off the street because John doesn’t want him hurting anyone. Chelsea apologizes, as if she ever had anything to apologize for. Even John admits she has nothing to apologize for because she’s practically the Princess of the Florida Keys. Anyway, Chelsea heads down to the station and identifies Ozzy and you can practically see John fist-pumping from the next room.

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