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Bloodline recap: Part 22

How many times exactly can a seahorse necklace be a crucial plot point though?

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Saeed Adyani/Netflix


TV Show
Drama, Thriller
run date:
Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek
Current Status:
In Season

Once upon a time it was such a privilege to be a Rayburn. Now? Not so much. Even though we kick off with a sick shot of the Florida Keys from above, down in the Rayburn abode, it’s just ceiling fans and regret. John flashes back to ~dreamy~ teenage John and Danny. Danny talks about leaving the Keys and starting a life on his own, but I’m super distracted by John’s dirty Lacoste shirt. Do you guys know how much those shirts even cost?

Anyway, John flashes back as Nolan and Evangeline move Nolan out of John’s house. Nolan seems genuinely appreciative for his time in Casa de Father Killer Rayburn, but regardless, it’s his time to go. Back in Meg’s place, Meg serves Marco coffee, completely unaware that he’s likely about to serve her an arrest. Ironically, Marco warns Meg about John without knowing that Meg is the real brains.

In a complete twist, we catch up with Chelsea hanging out with Mama O’Bannon. She’s puffing on a cigarette as Chelsea preps her pill schedule. I know it’s a bit off focus, but Mama O’Bannon is my world. She’s living her life for the fudge rounds and Biblical figurines from TV infomercials (there were only 43 left, y’all!). I would be v. down to share a few Nattys with Mama. The fun is ruined though when Marco shows up to question Eric. That’s when Eric tells Marco that John lied about not seeing Danny the morning he was killed — he says he’ll tell Marco if he can get full immunity from anything and everything. He does give one little nugget for Marco to run with: ask Jane about the seahorse necklace.

No one’s down with Marco though. Meg goes over to John to figure out what went down between him and Marco. John lets her know that Marco is not a family friend anymore, and that the only way he can beat them is to turn them against one another. That’s when Meg comes clean about releasing the information about Aguirre. She also tells John about Marco’s involvement in Aguirre’s domestic assault. Too bad John already knew. Meg says that she just can’t release that information.

Covering himself, John stops a farmer and asks to see the footage from his private camera that leads to the beach… a camera that likely caught him going to the site where he drowned Danny. Ozzy heads back to the hotel where he and Eve were staying with a guitar, but then he realizes that she’s gone. He’s doesn’t take it well. But why stay in a hotel when you can stay at the RAYBURN INN?! Eve and Nolan seem super pumped to get involved and be apart of the daily goings-on.

Diana and Jane make small talk at the table about addicting apps (probably Snapchat, let’s be honest), but as soon as she leaves it gets REAL quiet again. Diana says, “I’m glad he’s gone.” You’d like to think she meant Danny, but she actually meant Nolan. Way harsh, Di. Either way, Harsh Di is way more fun than Carefree Diana. The next day, John goes and visits a bearded man. He asks for help getting to the footage on those private cameras, and Beardy McDreamboat says that he’ll do his best.

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At the boatyard, Gilbert comes to visit Kevin and pass along his offer, providing that Kevin will stay (!!!). I still can’t help but feel that it’s surely not that easy, but for now, let’s just ride it out as a nice favor. But just as something good comes from the Rayburns, something bad comes… and it comes in a package we know ALL TOO WELL. Marco comes to see Jane at school. (Aside: Seriously, how many people are allowed to pick her up from school?) He asks her about the Danny necklace, but Jane tells her that it’s gone and that John lost it. From afar, Angry Di watches the whole thing go down, but it looked pretty innocent.

Back on the beach, Nolan is raking the sand just like Danny used to. He waves up to Sally on the porch, and you know she has to be loving this redo thing going on. That happiness must be contained to the Rayburn Inn though because elsewhere Angry Di is a woman scorned by random questioning. She calls John and demands to know what’s going on, but when John won’t give he answers she hangs up. Marco takes the little knowledge he got from Jane and O’Dirtbag and heads back to the sheriff. Meanwhile, O’Dirtbag heads to the pawn shop to pick up what he previously dropped off: that seahorse necklace. BAD NEWS, Y’ALL.

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