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Bloodline recap: Part 18

Can *you* pinpoint the moment where it all spun out of control? John can.

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Drama, Thriller
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Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek
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We open in a flashback with Danny and Eve together. He wants Nolan to see his new restaurant. She makes the very good point that Nolan is sick of Danny and his false promises and Nolan wants to see his dad in his new role as successful businessman, a.k.a. quit yanking the boy around. Danny smokes and considers and says, “We all get the family that God dumps on us.” This is the first of many possible mottos for this television program.

This is what she’s apparently remembering as she stretches naked across a bed and eats pizza. She’s with (drum roll) Ozzy! This makes some sort of sense. Ozzy makes some noise about being worried about the kid being taken in by the Rayburns, but she’s not worried. What is sort of worrisome is watching Ozzy rage out about past sins and start trashing the hotel like a rock star. She’s like, hey look at how great I look naked! (She does.) And she calms him right down. She tells him to trust her.

Meg sits down with Belle and Kevin and explains the wheeling and dealings she has done to keep him out of jail. He needs to go to drug counseling, and he cannot mess up again. Belle is all, oh believe me he won’t.

Meanwhile Sally is still having bungalow 3 problems. She later yells at a guy on her maintenance crew who says she never called. Uh-oh. Is Sally losing her mind?

John meets with some people about his campaign. There’s a pushy lady and another dude, and I’m not sure who these people are, but I’m also not convinced it matters. The important part is that we learn that Roy Gilbert has reached out, and if you have Gilbert in your corner, you are in great shape.

Kevin goes to support meeting and meets a friendly dude named Doug. Kevin is doing the newbie, oh I’m just here because I have to be. Doug is all, oh yeah sure. After Belle picks him up, she asks if he talked. He educates her on the terminology (sharing) and then clams up because he is Kevin and all of his demons are on the inside.

Current Sheriff Aguirre holds a press conference. The long and the short of it is that he makes a huge point in saying Danny’s case is not closed and they won’t stop till they find Danny’s killer. John’s face sort of lets us know how not great this is.

John fills Kevin and Meg in, and it becomes clear that Aguirre is doing this to help his campaign, by keeping John’s deadbeat drug-dealing brother fresh in everyone’s mind. Meg is like, you should drop out — which seems totally reasonable. John, still not telling them everything, tells them he needs to think.

Sally is with Belle, who is getting some tests regarding the baby. Belle wants to know if Sally and Kevin have talked, and Sally does that total Wasp-y thing where she’s like, oh, DUI big deal! Belle is like, lady, this kind of behavior is why your kids are all such wrecks. Kevin needs her support. Sally, hilariously, is like, let’s not turn this into a drama. Is she watching the same show as we are?

John goes creeping through the evidence room, searching for the smoking gun, a.k.a. that blackmail tape Danny made.

Kevin is working out on the docks. He’s feeling sober and maybe not so thrilled about it. Or maybe he just saw the young version of Danny walking toward him. It’s Nolan, and he wants a job. Kevin, so normally genial, takes a tough attitude with Nolan, gives him a bucket, and tells him to wipe off bird crap. Nolan attitudes back, and Kevin laughs at how strong DNA can be.

We flash back to a younger, less pierced and angry Nolan. He’s with Danny in the restaurant kitchen, and even Danny isn’t above trying to get a teenager to like him. He snarks at Danny, and Danny snarks a little back to tease Nolan about being a virgin but then giving him a beer anyway. Bros!

Back in the present, Meg goes to see John. He tells her about the tape and why he can’t drop out, the thinking being that if he could just become sheriff, he could shut this whole thing down. She is rightfully pissed and slaps him. “You should have told us,” she says, giving another possible show motto.

Belle comes by the boatyard and interestingly does not tell Kevin that the doctor asked her to run a few more tests. He tells her how much Nolan looks and acts like Danny. Belle suggests inviting him to dinner. “At our house?” Oh, Kevin. Then he remembers he’s a man living on thin ice and agrees.

Meg and John go see this Roy Gilbert character and guess what? It is Beau freakin’ Bridges! He is gravelly and rich, and apparently has some history with Robert Rayburn. Meg goes full honest with him and tells him that she’s running John’s campaign cause no one else would have them and she asks for his endorsement as they are way behind.

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Marco brings in our pal Eric O’Dirtbag. They have a little chat. Of course, what ends up happening is that Marco gives more information to Eric — like about the drugs and Miami — than Eric gives back. Eric stays pretty chill, but the wheels in his mind are clearly turning.

And we see what he remembers: which is that he was with Danny right up until John shows up (to murder Danny). It’s a little bit sad, actually, as clearly what Eric is remembering is how much he misses his friend.

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