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Bloodline recap: Part 17

Pay attention — a lot happens in this episode

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Saeed Adyani/Netflix


TV Show
Drama, Thriller
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Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek
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In Season

John hits the bottle, which, fair. It’s been some stressful times. He has a vision of Danny in his living room, but no, it’s actually Nolan doing that spooky Danny thing. John tells him they are going to have a talk: He confronts Nolan about telling Lenny and Eric about seeing him in Miami. John tries to spin this as he did with Sally, that he was trying to help Danny out. Nolan is like, sure okay, but my dad never told you about me? And that’s when we all have to remember that Nolan is just a kid after all, he’s not Danny Two. He’s sad, and he misses his dad and doesn’t understand what the hell has happened. John feels it too, I think. He tells him: Your dad might not have been a good father, but he was not a bad guy and I’m sure he meant to do right. Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing. Way to go, John. They are actually having a rather nice moment when John gets a call from Meg reminding him that Kevin is screwing up all his carefully laid plans. John realizes just how bad this might be and goes looking for Kevin.

We know where he is, outside of Wayne’s house. Kevin, noooooooo. Kevin gets out and walks toward the house. He’s stopped by some bodyguard. Kevin is like he wants what I have, and when Wayne shows up, Kevin — in a move that only a small child would think would work — tosses him the coke, says he’s sorry and is like okay now that’s done! He flees and of course Lowry’s goon follows. Kevin is so high and stressed out he crashes into a truck.

John is having a panic attack in his car as he realizes that all his good work is going down the drain. And that’s when he’s visited by the ghost of Danny smoking and laughing and saying things like, where’s it going to end John? He gets a call from someone presumably telling him what’s up with Kevin. He goes down there and learns that Kevin’s going to have to be arrested because he had coke on him. John tells Kevin that he’s going to get arrested, not to say a word, and oh yeah, you messed everything up.

Wayne goes to meet his partners — he’s like here’s the drugs. Don’t murder me! We’re back in business. The big dog tells him he gets one more chance.  

The father of the murdered girl is told that Wayne Lowry, the man presumably responsible for her death, is taking a plea deal. Grieving father looks unconvinced that this is awesome news. He asks John as a fellow victim (I know) if he thinks it’s fair or just. John is like come on, man. It’s our only option.

John goes to meet Wayne. He tells him the deal is still on the table. Wayne is like, pass. And oh, you’ve got a hell of a family.  We can all see his point. Wayne is all, in fact, why don’t you let me tell you how this is going to go. I’m going into business and you are going to help me or I am going to sell you out.

John is back in his car and so is the ghost of Danny: damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Story of my life. Oh great, ghost Danny is big on self pity, too. Are we to believe that Danny has become the voice in John’s head? Perhaps, as John tosses the idea of just giving up and confessing to everything. Ghost Danny says he’d be impressed by that move but then everyone would know that “John Rayburn” is a lie.

Sally is told there’s a lady who wants to talk to her — it’s Evangeline, Nolan’s mom, who is dressed insanely. Sally takes her around and gives her a tour and is friendly, but then Eve finally is like, oh you don’t recognize me?

Diana is all hiiii shady husband. She’s like, listen what is up with you? Your mom told me some stuff, such as you going up to Miami and etc. etc., and he tries to dodge it all, but she gets mad that he would want to help Danny after everything that happened with their daughter. John explodes. He’s like, well Danny is dead now, so who cares! And Diana looks shocked by the force of his rage.

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Meg goes to see Kevin in jail. Belle is upset, of course, and she lies to Kevin that she’s able to push New York off for a while. Kevin is a wreck and asks not to tell Sally about this till he can. He also says he thinks he needs real help so that is encouraging.

Eve sits and has tea with Sally. She dances around things a bit, but it soon becomes clear that what she is here for is money. She shocks Sally when she tells her about the arrangement she had with Robert. Sally… does not take it well. She dismisses Eve in a polite but chilly fashion and leaves her eyeing the rich customer’s luggage.

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