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'Bloodline' recap: 'Part 9'

A trip to Miami reveals some more about Danny.

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Saeed Ayani/Netflix


TV Show
Drama, Thriller
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Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek
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In Season

We open “Part 9” in an Instagram-filtered past. A younger Sally (with the same braid of the future) boards a bus while present day Sally looks melancholy out on the porch.

John is doing some detective work. He goes to the bait and tackle shop/front and plays the part of laid-back sunglasses guy looking to do some fishing. He not only sees Quintana, but Lowry himself comes out and they bat white dude platitudes back and forth. (Sidenote: I love Kyle Chandler’s side-mouthed growl more than almost anything.) When he gets in the car he sees someone on the phone in his car, looking very cop like, and it makes Coach Rayburn hella suspicious.

Speaking of suspicious, Sally watches Carlos and Danny grab their fish and Danny smarms a bit about what a nice catch it is, but really meaning drugs. Is it weird I feel sort of badly for poor hapless Carlos? The drugs are in nice neat bricks and holy hell there sure are a lot of them.

Back at the police precinct it turns out the DEA is all over this Lowry situation already. John is all, hold on a second—it’s not just drugs, it’s murder. John and this DEA guy named Clay bark at each other for a while. (Interestingly enough John goes hard on the terrific f-u line “go have a sunshine-y day.”) Clay relents—they’ll share this case. Clay tells John they’re looking at a couple of local scumbags, and sure enough shows pictures of both Quintana and our pal, O’Dirtbag. “Do you know any of his associates?” John looks like he might barf.

Instead, he goes to see Danny at the dock. John starts joking around a bit about the girl from the other night but then gets down to business. He asks if Danny is seeing Chelsea O’Bannon. Then oh-so-casually he asks about Eric. Danny plays it pretty cool. So John moves on to, so, about Diana….he tells Danny that Diana said he was acting weird and aggressive and please can you be cool with my wife for the love of God. Danny is all sure thing. God, I love how much Kyle Chandler sweats on this show! So many shirts, just soaking.

Kevin is heading to his truck when he suddenly spies that jerk Nicky’s fancy car and he gets an idea. This being Kevin, it’s not the greatest—he takes a bat and beats the hell out of the car.

Danny and Sally have dinner together out. Danny asks about expanding the dining service—basically turning it into a restaurant that goes beyond the Inn. Rob Rayburn apparently nixed this idea ages ago, but Danny presses Sally on it. She finally is all, cool it. Can’t we just eat?

Danny gets a call to bring the drugs. He packs them in crappy-looking gym bags, locks the shed, and uses the shuttle service at the Inn to transport them. Carlos is there to make sure that particular bag makes it to the gas station where Quintana is waiting. Neat. Danny clearly has good drug managing skills in addition to being a good seafood cook.

Speaking of which, he’s fileting a big fish at the Inn when Jane Rayburn comes in looking for her grandmother. Danny is all, come here: I’ll show you something. Jane is drawn to her uncle because yeah, I get it—he smokes and seems sort of cool. But Danny is creepy as all hell, even when teaching young Jane how to properly de-bone a fish. Turns out her parents paid for his cooking school and he knows the way to pull the skin off in one banana peel swoop. Yuck.

Meg thinks she’s busting her mom looking at wedding magazines, not realizing that Sally was thinking about her mysterious bus ride in the past. Meg isn’t so into wedding planning, but Sally is—how about seersucker suits for all the boys. Oh boy, a butterfly just flapped its wings in Hong Kong cause we know the future of doom’s costume of choice is seersucker suit. Sally also suggests Danny caters the whole thing. Meg controls her spit-take and is all, let’s see. Meg also suggests hitting the brakes on all the changes Danny is proposing. Sally double downs: Danny is part of the future of the Inn.

Jane Rayburn, wonderful teen that she is, bitches about finding a bone in her fish. Diana—drinking a glass of wine Tami Taylor would approve of—is all, congratulations, put it to the side and zip it. “That’s lazy technique,” Jane says, parroting back what Danny told her. She tells her parents about her little cooking lesson. Diana is pissed. John is all, I talked to him! He gets it! Diana is unconvinced and also is like, hey whatever happened to that cooking school money. John is all, look over here at this delicious wine and did I mention how much you nailed dinner?

Diana is at her job at the nursery. Her work outfit is all flashdance shoulders and man, Jacinda Barrett sure is hot stuff. Danny shows up and asks if he they can chat. He apologizes. Diana is all, no problem with the look of someone who is not having it. She relents a bit and Danny shifts darker. “Don’t come between me and my brother—not a good idea.”

Diana comes home and talks to John (who is, the show notes, drinking more than usual). She tells him that Danny apologized but not in a good way. She called the cooking school and found out that he went for half a semester. John is like, it’s weird you called. Diana is like, hey, don’t you want to know what he’s been spending the money on?

Next: We learn what Danny has been up to in Miami.