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'Bloodline' recap: 'Part 4'

Let’s just concentrate on that nice truck ride, because things go bad.

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Saeed Adyanii


TV Show
Drama, Thriller
run date:
Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek
Current Status:
In Season

We open on a ship rocking on the water in the dark. Men watch the water via binoculars and speak in Spanish about the Coast Guard. Great, more mystery. There’s some discussion about whether or not they’ve really lost the Coast Guard and we go inside the boat where…oh no. There are lots of very scared people staying quiet as they hear footsteps above them. We see the men jumping off the ship before the engine starts up again and uh-oh times one thousand: There’s smoke and then flames and then panic. I think we all know what comes next. What a terrible way to die. I’m guessing we’re learning the origins of Coach Rayburn’s Jane Doe.

Cut to: John and Kevin and Marco take a look at a charred hull and try to figure out its origin. They break from boat talk to discuss Danny, who is apparently trying to fix up their dad’s old truck. John urges Kevin to help him. It seems hard to be John Rayburn.

Papa Rayburn sits in a hospital gown. His eyes are closed but he’s seeing visions of the pretty little girl we know to be Sarah running towards him. This is sad. There’s a flash of what must be a young Danny looking panicked, at the wheel of a boat. Papa wakes up and sees his wife sitting across from him in a cute sun hat. They have a nice little back and forth. He wants to go home.

John and Marco put the pieces together on this boat situation—namely that the chemicals from the boat match Jane Doe’s.

Robert Rayburn seems lucid enough and packing to leave the hospital. (He is also wearing great glasses—and…may I say, ROAWR, Sam Shepard). Meg shows him the will. Again. Robert is as annoyed by this as I am—even though he blanks on Kevin’s name which doesn’t give him great moral high ground. Meg is being extra cautious before shutting her brother out of the family fortune. Robert is one grouchy kitty and he has had it, shouting at Meg before stomping off, telling her he’ll think about it.

Sally and Robert are home and standing out by the water’s. Sally tells Rob that she wants Danny to stay and he responds that he wants whatever makes her happy. They’re super cute. She tells him she missed him. These guys.

In the morning we see Danny up and raking the beach. (This is a thing? Zen Garden.) Sally brings him a coffee and assures Danny that Robert wants him there too.

Meg is up to her old tricks in the back seat of a car with hot Alec. So much for that last time ever thing! Next thing you know, they’re in a meeting together about Alec’s land development. Meg lets them know that a landing strip will never fly. I’m just trying to imagine Robert Rayburn’s face at the idea of a landing strip. Yeah, nope. Meg is calm and together and the table respects her for it.

Kevin is suspicious. (What else is new, right?) But this time he’s suspicious of someone outside of the Rayburn family, some son of someone named Suzy, who drives a flashy car.

The Rayburn men are all at Ben Rayburn’s baseball game. That’s sort of cute. Danny’s there too, and makes a crack about tail (men!) and even Robert Rayburn seems amused by his son. Everyone seems to actually be brought together by sports, how nice. Robert falls asleep at a certain point. We go inside his mind to see more of the mysterious Sarah and—argh—the gold sea dragon necklace you might recall from episode one. Also of a young Robert Rayburn trying to revive Sarah. Ooof.

Of course women don’t enjoy sports (sheeeesh, show) so the womenfolk gather to drink wine and eat cheese. Meg goes for the hard stuff (I mean alcohol this time!) which I admire and Kevin’s estranged wife, Belle, apologizes for not going to the hospital. When they have a quiet moment, Meg tells Belle she’s sorry about what’s happening with Belle and Kevin, but Belle shakes her off.

John takes Robert home and fesses up: he told Danny it was Robert’s decision to kick Danny out, not the truth that it was the siblings’ call. Robert Rayburn doesn’t give an F. Well, that was easy.

Kevin and Danny seem to be getting better along—they talk about how bad the other smells which I think is brother code for affection.

NEXT: Here comes that fateful truck ride