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'Bloodline' recap: 'Part 3'

This show is giving us more questions than answers.

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Saeed Ayani/Netflix


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Drama, Thriller
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Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek
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In Season

We’re back in the rain and future scary John voice-overs. Meg, he tells us, is a good person and wants everyone to be happy. Future Meg frantically freaks the f— out, particularly when her phone rings and we see it’s Danny calling.

Back to the past/present and the hospital: Meg sits by her father’s bedside. Dad Rayburn is still unconscious. Back at home, it’s real hot and the AC doesn’t work. Meg has a copy of the will of Robert Rayburn. Marco is all, what are you doing up? This leads to the old “is this my place or our place” discussion. You know the one. Marco is incredibly nice, but this is so not helping Meg right now. She surely agrees with me because she waits about two seconds before calling up that other guy we saw her doing it with in the car in the first episode, Alec (hot campaign guy from The Good Wife!).

John Rayburn looks at gross autopsy photos. His wife asks him about it—and he’s shaken by the girl who drowned and was burned and clearly died a horrific death. This marital chatter wakes up Danny. Great. He can’t sleep in the heat, he tells John.

Meg enjoys opening up her robe and flashing the AC and I enjoy the sight of shirtless Alec in her bed. Florida, how do you guys sleep in that heat? She asks Alec what they’re doing and how many times they’ve done this. Answer: 5. She’s able to open up to Alec in a way she clearly can’t with Marco—she’s messed up. When she first got out of law school her dad did her a solid and put her in charge of estate planning. But she didn’t do what he asked.

Meanwhile, back at John’s house, John tells Danny that he should stay. No, for real this time! “Come home like you wanted to.” Danny, rightly, is all WTF. He slyly asks what their father will think (since he’s playing along that he still thinks it was Rob’s decision, and that he’s not wise to the fact that it was the siblings). John weasels out of that one pretty well and it all seems to be settled. But then John is all like, cool, listen: You cannot hang out with Eric O’Bannon. Danny protests a bit and John is all, listen, I know O’Dirtbags when I see them basically. We have a family name to think about.

Speaking of the big O’D, the next day O’Dirtbag gives Danny an envelope of cash. He says he has another job, but Danny passes and brushes off Eric’s protests. He leaves the house only to see the very fetching Chelsea riding around on his bicycle. They flirt and flirt and she tells Danny that John came by looking for him. “You boys are always up to something.” Danny takes his envelope of cash and mails part of it somewhere. Interesting.

The other three siblings discuss the Danny situation. They play worst-case scenario: who can take over Rob’s responsibilities. Meg is clearly stressing about the will for her own reasons and blows her stack when Kevin and John bring it up innocently.

Meg is in full lawyer mode at work. She’s talking about the Keys development board and environment board and general development laws. Something tells me I should be paying closer attention, but I cannot. The big boss is missing…who could that be? Did you guess hot Alec? I did. That’s why I wasn’t paying attention. They engage in a little “great to see you again” theater for the others. Eye-roll.

After the meeting they chat on the balcony. He offers to send a plane for her if she ever wants to come up to New York. Man. This guy. “It’s a standing offer for whenever.” He’s leaving the next day. Meg is all, well… what are you doing tonight? Word, Meg.

At the hospital Danny hangs with his mom. He convinces her to leave her vigil and to let him cook for her. At the house, he seems to really be in his element while cooking and the siblings seems to like his food at least. Oh this is nice. But not for long.

John calls a little family meeting about how to handle things with Rob in the hospital. Sally is all, oh not to worry: Danny’s got this. The siblings give a collective gulp.

Meg and Kevin walk out to their cars, chattering about what a bad idea this Danny situation is. (It’s tough in big families when there are cliques among siblings, but I guess not entirely uncommon.) Meg is thinking about going to have last-night-in-town sex night with Alec, but Kevin asks her to come out for a drink. Begs, more like it. Good sister that Meg is she says yes. She calls Alec to tell him she won’t make it after all. He’s just getting to the hotel, the Sunset Palms. I’m sad for her.

Danny sneaks up on a woman… I think he calls her mister? That is cute and random. There’s a weird nervous energy between them even though things appear normal enough. She’s jittery and drops her bag, spilling things everywhere. Danny watches her drive away with a fairly indescribable look on her face.

Back in the rainy, terrible future we’re back to Meg freaking out about the Danny phone call. Scary future John says that Meg was happy when Danny came home. As we watch Meg pick up the phone with horror, she looks out the window to a white car parked outside. “But what she really wanted was to fix the past. To make up for what was lost.” What the what? Why is future John so mysterious?

NEXT: Rob Rayburn wakes up