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'Bloodline' recap: 'Part 2'

Our patriarch is in trouble and the Rayburn clan is starting to splinter.

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Saeed Ayani/Netflix


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Drama, Thriller
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Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek
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In Season

Last time around: We learned things were not as peachy as they first appeared down in the Florida Keys for the Rayburn family. We open with the sight of pouring rain and a giant hole in the window of Kevin’s office. Scary-sounding future John voice-overs that Kevin is the hothead (a.k.a. the Sonny Corleone) of the family. People used to tell John he was like his father, but that he’s not the same man now. Nothing is the same now, he says. Sheesh show, we get it: things are going to get nuts!

We touch upon what we saw briefly last episode: John taking Danny to the bus. We all know he never gets on—instead he walks down the road till Eric O’Dirtbag pulls up alongside him. They seem to be up to something vaguely shady, involving gasoline tanks. When they’re finished Danny asks Eric what happens next. O’Dirtbag stresses that this is a job not to mess up because they are dealing with seriously bad dudes. Eric tells Danny that he can stay at Eric’s sister’s for the night. 

Kevin is left with the task of telling his dad that Danny left. Rob is concerned only for his wife’s feelings, it seems. Kevin’s wife drives Kevin back to his office where it quickly becomes apparent that Kevin is hiding the fact that they are no longer together and that Kevin wishes this wasn’t so and he hasn’t told his family. “These things happen,” says his wife. “Not in my family,” he replies. Oh, Rayburns. 

(On the opposite end of things, John comes home and looks sort of tired and sad till he realizes that the kids are out of the house and he can fool around with his very pretty wife. Way to go, Coach Rayburn.)

Rob and Sally relax out on the porch, and—quick real life aside—Sissy Spacek and Sam Shepard make for one super attractive couple. Rob breaks the Danny departure news to Sally. She’s had it: “I give up. I can’t take this anymore. I’m done with him.”

The next morning John is at the coroner office and views the dead body they pulled out of the water. There are burns all over her body though her official cause of death is drowning. John makes the neat-o point that means she was alive for the burning. Gah. 

Danny wakes up to the nice sight of Chloe Sevigny—Eric O’Dirtbag’s sister, Chelsea—tossing pebbles at him. He gives her the cutest grin we’ve seen out of him yet. Instant chemistry with these two. She even flashes her butt at him as she walks into the house to make coffee. Hooray for Sevigny! 

Rob Rayburn sea kayaks around a small inlet and sees his eldest son standing on the shore. Gosh, it’s pretty around there, isn’t it? Danny tells his dad that he wanted to say goodbye since he won’t be coming back anymore. Danny says he wanted to work things out before Rob dies. Yikes. 

Cut to: Hospital! Apparently Robert Rayburn was in some sort of accident and is in the ER for head trauma. The children have gathered and Sally is having a hard time accepting how serious a situation this has become. Kevin seems mainly concerned with yelling at Danny about how exactly their father got hurt. Danny says that Rob was in his kayak and then just collapsed. The whole family gives him a collective WTF.

NEXT: But seriously—did he do it?