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'Bloodline' recap: 'Part 11'

Is a seahorse necklace just a seahorse necklace?

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Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek
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Bloodline really has picked up the pace, hasn’t it? Well, just you wait. “Part 11” opens with Danny doing what he likes to do—smoke and drink and think. As usual his thoughts lay in the past and the fateful day when he took his little sister Sarah out on a boat ride that led to her death. I think it’s clear his motivations on that day were that of a good big brother, a protector who wanted to help remove his sister from the marital strife that was happening on the other side of his mother’s door. It’s one of those questions that can haunt your whole life—what would my today look like if that series of events didn’t unfold the way that they did? What would the Rayburns be like if Sarah hadn’t drowned? If Robert hadn’t beat up Danny? If the rest of the family hadn’t covered up a terrible crime against one of their own?

He’s interrupted by the man we saw murder Quintana in the last episode. Wayne is nervous about his stash. Danny is told that Rafi Quintana is gone for good and that he has to deal with this weirdo now. Weirdo gives Danny a special phone that he’ll contact him with.

Kevin goes to see Chelsea because he is, rightfully, disturbed by that conversation he had with Danny. The one thing that has happened as the show progresses is how much I have grown to love Kevin Rayburn. He means well! He is wondering just how much Danny and Chelsea discussed Kevin and Chelsea’s one night stand because it’s beginning to dawn on him that maybe his brother was behind his attack. Chelsea is like, no way. Kevin wonders what she sees in Danny and he honestly seems to want to know. Before she can answer, O’Dirtbag comes home and Kevin peaces out. He overhears Chelsea telling O’Dirtbag that Danny was looking for him.

Outside of an AA meeting John Rayburn waits for Carlos. John drops the polite chitchat and tells him to get in the car and calls him out on everything. He goes full crazy cop on him—just go ahead and tell me absolutely everything. Maybe Carlos is the most tragic figure in this whole series? He’s very hapless.

O’Bannon gives Danny a gun, one that Danny asked for because Wayne’s weirdo made him nervous. (I think this is a first as it seems like nothing really rattles Danny, right?) He tells O’Dirtbag not to worry, but Eric is like, um, this is nuts. He’s completely mad that what started out as an easy job has now gotten so scary and complicated. They throw some blame back and forth at each other. Danny pleads with Eric to stay with him and also to stay calm. He tells him he’ll always have O’Bannon’s back. “People think I have two brothers—I only got one.” I’ll give this to old O’Dirtbag: He is one loyal friend. Maybe Danny is too, who knows.

Danny and Kevin meet up in the kitchen in the dark, which is weird, but then what isn’t with this family? Kevin confronts Danny about his assault and Danny plays dumb. Kevin isn’t having it. Danny then, of course, goes full creepo. Kevin loses steam in the face of all this sociopathy. He also looks sad as he realizes the extent to which his brother dislikes him.

Carlos shows John the shed of drugs—haha, he really is spineless. John shines a flashlight inside, unzips a few bags and realizes just how much of a mess his family is now in. He tells Carlos in a very scary whisper that means business to never step foot on the property again or he will kill him. Uh, Officer Rayburn? John calls for a meeting of the three non-Danny siblings.

He tells them what’s going on. They are hosed basically: If they want to get ahead of this mess, they need to report it to the police. But, even though they had no prior knowledge, when the DEA finds drugs on the property they’ll seize everything, shut down the inn, and the business will never recover. Their mother will be devastated and their names and reputation will be ruined. Kevin argues not to report it. Meg suggests moving the drugs. John goes all cop on them and tells them if they touch anything inside the shed they become felons.

The next day John goes to talk to Clay. He reasons that he didn’t want to believe this about his family, but stresses he’s come to the authorities now and that should count for something. He didn’t think Danny was in this much trouble. Clay asks John straight up if he tipped off Danny. Even I believe John when he lies through his teeth and says no. Clay reiterates what we know: that the family is in a world of trouble once drugs are found on the property. Clay takes him off the case. John is all: I get it. Clay is all: Let’s get your brother.

Danny meanwhile gets the call from Wayne’s weirdo. He’s asked to bring the stuff to this guy. Meg keeps an eye on Danny from afar and clues Kevin in on his whereabouts. Sibling Scooby-Do gang, I love it. Inside, the women folk want to talk about wedding dresses, but Meg asks to postpone till the following day.

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