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'Blindspot' recap: 'We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters'

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This week’s episode of Blindspot, boasting the unwieldy title of “We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters,” isn’t all that different from the show’s typical case-of-the-week format. Once again the larger season arc of Sandstorm and Phase 2 takes a back seat to a random FBI case. This time, the mission sees Jane and Weller going undercover as part of a heist taking place at a political summit. Of course, everything goes south and the team is left scrambling to get Weller and Jane out of a jam. As much as the content is similar to many other weeks, “We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters” is unique in its delivery.

How so? Well, the episode essentially starts in the middle, fills in all the details, and then hurtles toward an intense conclusion. So, when the episode starts, the FBI team is in the middle of chaos. They’re stationed outside the political summit, waiting for Weller and Jane to make their way back outside, and to apprehend whomever it is that they’re after. None of that happens though. Instead, a bomb goes off and the FBI manages to snag two suspects, but Weller and Jane remain lost in the wind.

Even worse, Matthew Weitz shows up. You might remember him as the Assistant US Attorney who has more than a shaky relationship with the FBI, seeing as though he was going after Mayfair last season. Now he’s back to monitor this case and audit the team’s actions; it turns out that a bomb going off outside of a major political summit tends to get Homeland Security involved. From there, the episode works backward a bit, filling us in on just how the FBI got into this mess.

In so many words — Blindspot uses a lot of words, so let’s condense — back when the gang first met Rich Dotcom because of a “puppy forum” used to hire criminals, Patterson decided to set up some fake accounts for the FBI team just in case anyone ever needed to go undercover and catch some bad guys. After months of inactivity there was finally a hit: Weller and Jane had been contacted for a heist. Along with them are two very real criminals: Lynn Burton, a deep web hacker, and Clive Doyle, a low-level career criminal.

So, after the whole operation goes south, all the FBI has to go on is Lynn and Clive, both of whom are in custody. Matthew Weitz takes point on questioning Lynn. With her future in prison certain, she scrambles to tell the truth in exchange for a deal. She details how a man named Emile hired them, and all they knew was that they were going undercover to steal an “item” from the Evergreen Environmental Summit.

The bigger news is that Nico Marconi, an arms dealer who’s eighth on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, is bankrolling the job. He’s the one that wants the “item,” and he’s willing to cough up $8 million to get the job done. With these details revealed, Blindspot begins to have a little fun with the timeline of the heist. When Nas questions Clive, he tells a different story as we watch the same scene play out in different ways; in one, he’s the hero, and in the other he’s taking a backseat to the actions of Jane and Weller.

On the one hand, it’s hilarious to watch Clive make himself out to be an action hero. His ego certainly makes for entertaining segments filled with impossible escapes and perfect kung fu fighting skills. On the other hand, now the FBI has no idea where the truth lies.

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There is one truth that seems to be clear though: Emile was playing the whole team all along. When his hired goons, including Jane and Weller, infiltrate the basement and set off an alarm, Emile takes off with Lynn. Reality sets in for Weller: They were a distraction. Still, they manage to escape after blowing a whole in a wall and making a run for it, catching up with Emile and his escape vehicle.

Thankfully, the FBI manages to track the black Cadillac that Emile uses to escape to a defunct state park where Marconi is known to have some property. The team deploys, and before long they find Jane stumbling into the road. She fills the team in on the details: Weller is on a boat with Emile and the “item,” which turns out to be a person by the name of Mingxia Chen, an expert in plate tectonics who has developed the science to build some sort of tsunami bomb. Essentially, it’s a bomb that can be set off underwater, triggering a tsunami and sheer devastation.

Eventually Jane draws a connection between Lynn and Emile that cracks the case open. She has a suspicion that they knew each other before the job. That leads to Patterson doing a little digging, and out Deep Webbing the Deep Web hacker. She finds a money transfer site for Marconi, built by Lynn. What’s more, she finds something even darker: a dark web auction taking place. The items up for auction? Chen and Weller. But there’s one more twist. Remember Emile, who organized the whole thing? Yeah, he’s actually Marconi.

So, the FBI has no idea they’re chasing down Marconi, but they come up with a plan to save Chen and Weller. The offshore site Lynn used to hide Marconi’s money is overflowing, so the FBI helps itself, against the strict orders of Weitz. They use the money, which is technically the property of the U.S. government, to win the auction for Weller and Chen. When they show up for the swap Nas takes control and for a while it seems like the ruse might work, but their cover is blown shortly after. A chase ensues, but after Weller manages to help himself escape, he teams up with Nas and Jane — continued love triangle alert! — to take down and arrest Marconi.

Back at the FBI headquarters, Matthew Weitz is livid with Nas for going against his orders. But when she lets him take the collar, and therefore all the credit for nabbing someone in the Top Ten of the FBI’s Most Wanted, he accepts. Still, the threat she receives from Weitz about her job, and about how he can take his objections to higher powers she isn’t even aware of, lights a fire in her. So, she reaches out to Patterson for help. She gives her access to everything she has on Sandstorm in the hopes of creating a better relationship, and an investigation that will outlast her if need be.

With Jane and Weller safe, the episode ends with a short montage, tying in a few of the season’s subplots. We see much of the team gathered at Allison’s for a celebration of their forthcoming baby. We see Reade handing over bus tickets to Freddie and telling him to never come back, knowing that he’s the one who murdered Coach Jones after Zapata told him. Then, we see Roman approach Jane, saying there’s only “a few hours” until Phase 2 is under way, and the world is forever changed.

It’s unbelievably ominous, which is kind of Blindspot‘s strength.

Episode Grade: B