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Blindspot recap: Cede Your Soul

Did we just get a love triangle?

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Paul Sarkis/NBC


TV Show
Drama, Mystery, Thriller
run date:
Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton
Current Status:
In Season

Jane is lying in bed with a man — happy, smiling, and in love. They are nuzzling, kissing, and it’s clear this connection is beyond sexual; it’s emotionally intimate. Jane wakes up, shocked by how relaxed and at ease she was in her dream. But was it just a dream, or was it a memory?

Jane’s flashbacks and mystery tattoos bring a refreshing element to each episode, and this week it looks like we are going to get a love triangle in coming episodes. When Jane talks to her therapist about her dream, he suggests that it may be a depiction of what she craves: strength, security, love. The man in the dream had a tattoo on his forearm of a tree with deep roots, which definitely depicts the emotional stability Jane yearns for. She analyzes this further and comes to think this may be about Weller: Is their relationship moving towards intimacy? Weller is the closest — and only — thing to a real part of her past life, so naturally her feelings toward him are going to be more intimate than with anyone else.

Bethany seems to think that Weller feels the same way about Jane, and she confronts him about being too emotionally invested in the case. Weller assures her that he can handle the case, but as the episode progresses, we see him struggling with the reality that a new lead agent may need to take over Jane’s investigation.

Then we have the crime of the episode: A Saudi prince is tracked down in a security vehicle, and he is shot and killed. Apparently the shooters had a mobile app on their phone that the government had never heard of that allowed them to track government vehicles under the radar. The app is called Trakzer, and the logo is a creepy-looking owl — which just so happens to be tattooed on Jane’s leg.

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Patterson starts connecting the cases of murdered government officials, and it’s clear that they were found from using the app. They track the type of code used to make the app using their fancy FBI techniques, and they come across a hacker that matches the same pattern. They grab the associated address, and when they arrive at the hacker’s apartment, they find a young girl named Ana who informs them that she built the code for the government. She claims that she was contracted by the NSA. Hmm…

They take her in, and she informs them that her contact at the NSA is a man named Leonard Gail. Bethany reaches out to the NSA, and they tell her there is no one there by that name. Either the NSA is lying, or Ana is lying. Weller thinks that it’s neither and that Ana was conned — by whoever the bad guys are — into building the code. It turns out he was right, and the young 17-year-old had no idea she was building an app that would get several people killed.

Now knowing the truth, Ana tells the FBI everything she knows about her “NSA” contact. The liaison between her and the real criminals behind the scam is named Shawn Palmer. The team wants to go in and take him in for questioning, but his home is bugged with all sorts of firewalls, and they don’t want him to retaliate and release the Trakzer code to the public.

They decide to smoke him out, and when they take him in, he cooperates fully. The source code for the Trakzer app is now dead, and all is good in the world. This seemed way too easy, and the team ponders on whether this specific tattoo on Jane’s body was meant to help them in some way — or make them think that someone is helping them. Before they can take that thought further, Patterson sees that someone has hacked into the FBI’s system with her username. She figures out that it must be Ana, and when they are given a video feed, they see she is being held hostage in her apartment by Russian criminals.

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