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'Blindspot' recap: 'Split the Law'

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Paul Sarkis/NBC


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Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton
Drama, Mystery, Thriller

This week’s Blindspot reveals another government controversy, with the beginning clue coming from another one of Jane’s tattoos. Jane’s flashback’s are also becoming much more common and vivid, and Jane is starting to remember the troubled events following her abduction as a child. Weller is also dealing with the conflicting isotype test, refusing to give up that Jane truly is Taylor Shaw. He hasn’t told Jane yet about the test, and with her mental breakdown this episode. it’s probably best she isn’t in the know for now.

Before the breakdown, Weller has Jane over to “re-meet” his sister and her son in an attempt to uncover any more flashbacks or memories. The dinner is genuine, and Weller has good intentions of putting Jane’s mind at ease. Unfortunately, the evening goes completely opposite as intended, and Jane starts to have a mild panic attack when one of her flashbacks starts to become much clearer than before. Weller admits the dinner was probably too much at once, and he’s there to comfort her later when she apologizes for rushing out of the apartment.

Dealing with the awkward dinner-date is sidelined when the team finds out about a hostage situation with two gunmen at the Municipal Workers Association. They are lead to the location before the police get ahold of them due to a tattoo on Jane’s thigh with a 10-digit number that indicates the address to the MWA. I’m still a little confused as to how they put two and two together so quickly, but this show always moves a few notches above realistic. The crimes are always a little bit off-the-wall, but I guess that’s what keeps things interesting.

When they arrive at the MWA, the two gunman claim that they’re MWA workers who were laid off and lost their pension, but when their faces are run through the database it’s discovered that they never worked for the MWA. The gunmen start shooting the hostages, and the FBI charges in and guns them down. The injured are taken out, and the team starts to sweep the building.

Jane and Weller find a door with blood on the knob, and it leads them to a room with a dead man tied to a chair and two others dead on the floor next to him. Someone creeps up on them, and Jane takes them down — just as CIA Deputy Director Tom Carter (Michael Gaston) walks in. They find out that this area is actually a CIA black site, which is illegal on domestic soil, as the CIA can only operate internationally. Obviously something fishy is going on because a) Tom Carter is the creepiest and b) the CIA is acting extremely shady.

Jane learns that the CIA and FBI don’t play nice together, and before she can learn more she’s booted from the room while Carter fills in the FBI out of formality. Jane and Agent Zapata head back to the FBI van, where Jane (to Zapata’s surprise), easily goes into the security cameras to pull up the footage from the holdup. She notices something off with three of the hostages that were “taken to the back room,” and finds out that one of the hostages had changed shoes.

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After the team learns that the CIA was working to find an old terrorist informant who had gone dark, they realize that the “holdup” was actually a rescue mission by the terrorist group. The fake hostage with a shoe fetish was actually a man named Doti, who in his free time took up how to create bombs.

The FBI team interrogates two of the accomplices from the holdup, and aside from the fact they won’t reveal anything, they both look like they have the flu. Things get even fishier when one of them starts pulling out his hair. Patterson gets the blood samples back and discovers that the two of them have extreme radiation poisoning. This leads them to learn that Doti has been working with terrorists on the black market, bringing in CCM137 — which is used to make bombs.

The team figures out that he escaped from an ambulance, so they start looking for him and his terrorist group’s hiding spot. Knowing that they all probably have extreme radiation poisoning, Patterson says that they need to look for high readings of the substance to pinpoint their location. CCM137 isn’t going to be floating all over the city, so they should be able to locate them quickly.

NEXT: Jane starts getting some nasty flashbacks.


Jane begins to have more flashbacks, and this time she sees her child-self being led into a dark, dirty basement where several other children are being held, with only filthy mattresses on the floor to sleep on. Jane begins to piece together what this could mean, and she understandably has a full-fledged panic attack. She confesses her memory to Weller, who only continues to hold it together for her. In a cheesy but heartfelt act of trust and promise, Weller holds her hand to his heart and says that he’s there for her. It’s a nice moment to progress the relationship of Weller and Jane — without the romantic element.

The team locates the group of terrorists at a cemetery from their X-Men-level of radiation poisoning. The showdown turns into a shootout between the FBI and the terrorists, and of course Jane gets into a nail-biter — catching the urn full of radioactive bomb-juice just moments before it crashes to the ground. When Weller meets up with her and they take Doti into custody, we see Carter in the distance about to snipe Jane, using the terrorist situation as a perfect cover up for her death. Bethany must have expected Carter would pull a shady move, as she sneaks up on him and prevents him from shooting the one thing that could bring them both down for Operation Daylight (whatever that is).

The FBI and CIA pull their guns out on one another, with Bethany and Carter throwing threats back and forth. Because the catch was on US soil, the FBI technically has jurisdiction over the CIA, but Carter is pressing that the CIA take him into custody. He even bargains and says that he’ll give Bethany Doti for one night, but only if he can have Jane. Bethany refuses the proposal and sends Doti with Carter. I’m not entirely sure why Bethany is so protective of Jane, aside from the fact she wants to keep an eye on her and see if she truly does know about Daylight. Bethany seems emotional about Jane, which makes me think she knows something Carter doesn’t.

In other drama news, agents Reade and Zapata had a bit more presence this episode, with Zapata giving Reade flack for not appearing as “a united front” while with the CIA. Reade’s concerns with Jane are legit, I will give him that. His reservations for her are only in the best interest of the group. Thinking Zapata is an advocate for the team, we see her at the end of the episode secretly sneaking into a car with Carter, receiving a wad of cash in exchange for information about Jane. Well, now we know that Zapata’s money problems from last week’s episode are worse than we thought. So much for the “united front.”

Weller goes to drop off Jane and starts to cry as they talk about her protection, losing her when they were children, and Weller feeling at fault for what happened. The guilt from Jane’s memories are digging a deeper hole into his darkest fears, and Jane does the same cheesy hand gesture to her heart, letting him know it wasn’t his fault she was taken. Feeling a little better, Weller heads back to his apartment to find his sister, her son, and his father there. Weller looks furious and storms out. What is Weller’s father doing back, and does he have anything to do with Operation Daylight? Will he try to see Jane?

Theories and Questions:

  • It’s obvious that the man leading Jane down into a basement in her memory is mostly likely Carter, but where the real twist could come in is that Bethany already knows this. It’s a wild theory, but Operation Daylight could be a Bourne-esque program that trains assassins — and occasionally wipes their memories. I’m waiting for the flashback where Bethany and Jane have already met in the past pre-Jane brain wipe — but then how would Carter not already know who she is?
  • Where will Weller’s father’s story line go?
  • Carter also teased a job offer to Agent Reade to join the CIA — will Reade get fed up with Jane putting the team at risk and make the jump?
  • Will Agent Zapata get caught back-stabbing her team? If she does anything to hurt Jane, we know Weller will hold nothing back.