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Blindspot recap: If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render

Welcome to Phase 1: The show says a shocking goodbye, and we get a bombshell revelation about Taylor

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Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton
Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Finally! We get some answers! Well, sort of. This episode delivered more than I expected as far as Jane’s backstory, but we still have more to learn. First, Jane confronts Oscar about the allegations against Mayfair and how she set her entire conviction in place, allegations that Oscar affirms, saying it is what Mayfair deserves for what she’s done. Just when we think that we’re going to get another one of the their bickering matches, Sophia enters the room. Say what?! Yes, Sophia has been in on this, and “Taylor” wrangled her in. Let’s get to the details.

As soon as Jane sees Sophia, her memories are instantly triggered. She approached Sophia (pre-memory swipe) and convinced her to atone for her sins from Project Daylight by helping her take down Mayfair. Destroying the love of your life in the most public, brutal way has to mean that they did some pretty horrible things with Project Daylight that have yet to be unearthed. Sophia’s conscience must be beyond repair. Oscar also refers to Mayfair’s arrest as “Phase 1,” which means there’s a lot more conspiracy to come. What else is planned?

Back at the FBI HQ, Weller is playing interim director while Mayfair’s investigation continues. He visits her at her home while she’s on house arrest and tells her that he’s not giving up. She refuses to speak up about Sophia or Daylight, though, so they’re starting to run into dead ends. Because there aren’t any leads currently, Weller decides to continue to work cases until something pops up. Mayfair’s authorities have stepped in and decided that Project Jane Doe is a little too sketchy to keep running, so it’s been decided that it will be shut down. I must say, this seems like a smart move on the FBI’s part. It’s hard to believe that a case with a mystery woman with intel into extreme cases tattooed on her body would go this long ignored by outside forces. Carter surely couldn’t have been the only other person that knew about the Jane Doe file and paid attention.

Weller, of course, refuses to cooperate and tells the team to work on the Jane Doe cases under the radar. The newest one involves a baby being dropped off in a duffel bag in the middle of a city square with a wrist tattoo the same as Jane’s. It turns out that a former nurse named Edward dropped off the bag because his conscience couldn’t handle the work he was doing any longer. When Weller and Co. tracked down Edward, who was meeting with his sister-in-law that’s a lawyer, he was shot and killed. Adding more mystery, Patterson ran tests on the baby, and the DNA matched that of a Bryce Warren, the son of a former presidential candidate. The gang visited Bryce’s house and discovered that he and his wife already have a son with a severe case of leukemia, and they both denied that Bryce had an affair. Before they can dive into what’s really going on, Bryce’s dad, Peter, showed up and kicked them out, even calling the FBI to complain about the abrupt home visit.

Weller is reprimanded by the big guys for investigating the Jane-related case, and Jane is booted from the building — but her work doesn’t stop. She heads to the child services’ office and finds sketchy suspects breaking through security. After an elevator shake-down and shootout, one of the suspects escapes with the mystery baby. Meanwhile, Patterson discovers that the baby’s DNA also matches Bryce’s wife, making things even more confusing. His wife comes in and shares that Peter had them enter a top-secret medical program promised to produce tissue that could help their son Michael so long as she and Bryce donate their genetic samples. The gang pulls a Maury and breaks it to her that tissue wasn’t the only thing being created in the super-secret lab and that they now have another baby. Imagine marinating on that news on a Monday.

Jane is still playing super-spy and takes one of the suspects as part of the child services shake-down and forces him to show her where the baby is being taken. She finds the lab and sees it’s filled with several babies. Peter and the woman who took the small child walk in, and she starts to take them out. Weller and Co. also arrive, and we have another moment where the team saves the day and Weller has another life-saving moment with Jane. The writers are really pushing the Weller-Jane connection, and it’s all about to come crashing down.

NEXT: “I wish I could be there to see his face when he finds out what you really are.”