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'Blindspot' recap: 'Swift Hardhearted Stone'

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Barbara Nitke/NBC


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Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton
Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Everyone’s lies are starting to catch up with them, and it’s all about to hit the fan. Will we actually get answers in the last episodes leading up to the finale, though? My patience is starting to wear thin with the multiple conspiracies surrounding this show: Orion, Mayfair/Carter/Sophia, Zapata and her new accomplice in taking down Mayfair, Oscar’s sketchy behavior… There’s a lot to wrap up. Everything is most likely tied to together in some way, but I’m ready for less episode-by-episode cases and more drama with our core group.

The case this episode surrounded a young girl that turns up in the FBI’s hands after being found covered in blood. It appears that the girl has autism spectrum disorder, as well as a photographic memory. The young girl, Maya, has a sketchbook with detailed descriptions of the different memories she carries, one of which being a sketch of her father — who just so happens to be the leader of the Ahmadi family terrorist group and fifth on FBI’s most wanted list. The family’s crest is sketched in Maya’s book, and it also is a tattoo on Jane’s body. Dr. Borden notices this when he’s assigned to treat Maya and quickly brings in the rest of the gang. They find out who her father is and try to connect the dots on where he and his group are planning their next attack.

The team recognizes another face in Maya’s book — a rogue reporter who covers the most dangerous of stories. They bring in the reporter, Jeremy Rance, and at first he plays Mr. Cool and says he can’t give up any of the sources providing him with information on the Ahmadi family. Even after the FBI warns him that he’ll be thrown in jail for withholding information about a possible attack, he still doesn’t break. The group follows another lead from one of Maya’s sketches, and it unfortunately leads them to an apartment where Maya’s mother was found dead from torture. When Jeremy hears this, he finally agrees to spill the beans: He helped Maya and her mother get to America in exchange for her story on Maya’s father and his terrorist activities.

Jeremy volunteers to help lure the terrorist group in by being bait, and they send Weller disguised as Rance to the his apartment. The ploy works, and Weller is able to take out three of the men that attacked him. Thinking they are clear of any further attacks against Maya, the group convinces Franklin, the assistant secretary of state, to let them take Maya to a safe house while they wait for her grandmother to safely arrive in the States. Dr. Borden stresses the importance of Maya being around people who are familiar and whom she trusts, but he and Weller and Co. are all there is to offer Maya at the moment.

The safe house that Patterson, Jane, Weller, and Dr. Borden take Maya to is out in the countryside and belongs to Dr. Borden. Patterson is eager to spend time with the doctor, making it clear that the writers are pushing for these two. While I’m glad Dr. Borden is finally playing a bigger role, I had inklings that his significance was more than being than Patterson’s rebound. That may be harsh, but his mysteriously calm demeanor throughout this first season (which is all of, what, 20 minutes of screen time tops?) had me thinking he may be planted by Orion to watch over Taylor or something along those lines. Who knows — he still could be!

NEXT: Sorry about your summer home, Dr. Borden


The safehouse goes about as well as expected: It ends in a shootout and with the house, which was in the middle of a remodel, being blown up (so much for your first work-date with Borden, Patterson!). Zapata and Reade head to help, as they had figured out from a conversation with Maya’s grandmother that the terrorist group was after Maya and her drawings. Her photographic memory could identify anyone in the terrorist group, putting a massive target on her back. Patterson goes full-on badass when she realizes they’re about to be under attack when the power goes out and the phone goes dead. Of course, Weller and Jane had left to go to the grocery store right before this happened, leaving Patterson to buck up.

She arms Borden with a nail gun and keeps her cool as she directs Maya to safety. Maya pulls a season 2 Carl Grimes and walks outside of the house, not realizing the danger they are in, and Patterson and Borden quickly grab her and drag her inside as the group begins firing on them. Patterson holds them off, and Borden uses a nail gun to take out a shooter about to gun down Patterson (we anticipate some therapy of his own will be needed after that). Jane and Weller show up, and Patterson mic-drops her stealthiness by blowing up the house with the rest of the terrorists inside.

After saving the day, Franklin shows up and is eager to leave and take Maya to a safehouse with him. Borden continues to reiterate the importance of her being in a familiar and trusting environment, but Franklin won’t have it. Borden catches a glimpse of the ring on Franklin’s hand and recognizes it from one of Maya’s sketches. Because Maya only sketches things she has seen before, Borden puts together that they must have met before Maya was found and brought to the FBI. Knowing he’s been caught, Franklin turns his gun on Borden. Maya shoves the car door into Franklin in an attempt to help Borden, and they’re able to take him down. It turns out that Franklin was a shady agent trying to cover up his tracks, like most of the bad guys that get caught in this show.

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Speaking of corruption, Mayfair is having another terrible day. Alexandra, the beautiful woman she’s been talking to, gets into town and confirms their date night. Mayfair (who had just burned her box of memories of Sophia) agrees to meet Alexandra in her hotel room before they head to dinner. It’s a little forward and a little too much for Mayfair after the bombshell she had last week from her ex, but Alexandra assures Mayfair that they can take things as slow as she needs. Mayfair steps out to catch her breath and grab some ice, and when she returns she’s greeted by a dead Alexandra and bloody knife on the floor. The phone rings, and a voice on the other end tells Mayfair to stop looking into Carter’s disappearance or she’ll be the next victim. Is Mayfair regretting not running away with Sophia yet?

Zapata and Reade didn’t get much screen time this week, but they did confront each other about keeping secrets. Zapata senses that Reade knows something about Carter that he’s not telling her, and she makes it clear that she’s going to find out what really happened — and that Mayfair’s somehow involved. Will she uncover Project Daylight? If so, will we find out who’s threatening Mayfair and Reade? I have an idea of who it might be…

Which brings us to Oscar. He’s laying the love down hard to keep Jane’s trust, but she’s starting to sense that Oscar’s not being fully honest with her. He assigns her another mission — to get information from the FBI’s computers — which she completes. She’s also secretly following Oscar behind his back. What will she uncover? Is Jane incapable of trusting anyone with the life she now lives?

More Questions:

  • Seriously, what is Orion? It has to be tied to Daylight in some way, right?
  • Is Jane really Taylor Shaw? Do we even care anymore?
  • Weller and Jane were extra flirty this episode. Her chemistry is way better with Oscar, but Jane knows she can actually trust Weller. Will he forgive her for playing both sides? It’s inevitable that he’ll find out.
  • Will Reade work with Zapata to investigate Mayfair?