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'Blindspot' recap: 'A Stray Howl'

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Virginia Sherwood/NBC


TV Show
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Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton
Drama, Mystery, Thriller

“Everything just feels so out of control.”

Jane Doe is still struggling to cope with her lost memory, her body full of mystery tattoos, and her lone flashback — target practice in the woods with the mystery man.

Kurt Weller tries to tap into Jane’s muscle memory this week to unlock more of her mind by doing some target and sparring practice. It works, and Jane gets a chilling memory of strolling into a church and shooting a nun dead. Maybe just keep that one to yourself for now, Jane.

Weller’s FBI team gets the news that Chao has died of a supposed massive heart attack in the hospital. We know that’s not true, and so do they, but there’s no time to focus on that now. They’ve unlocked another one of Jane’s tattoos. How are they doing this? For one, FBI smarty-pants and head of the forensic science unit, Patterson, has created a database for Jane’s tattoos — also referred to as “a Google alert for her tattoos.” By using Jane’s first tattoo and a polyalphabetic substitution cipher, they decode another one, which leads them to Major Arthur Gibson (Robert Eli), a grounded Air Force pilot.

Of course, Jane follows along to Gibson’s house, hoping he holds a clue into who she is. Team Weller doesn’t hesitate letting her join them this time. For one, they can’t really stop her, but after last episode, she’s proven she can handle herself. At this point, everyone is probably scared Jane will throw them in a chokehold if they tell her no.

Gibson answers the door; he appears on edge and tells them to get off his property. Not a minute later, the house explodes. According to the firemen on scene, the whole place was rigged, but no body was found. Sounds like Gibson had some evidence to bury.

Weller and the gang look for more information from Gibson’s former Commanding Officer. The CO tells them that Gibson was grounded after a psychological trauma and was given a desk job, but he then spiraled after suffering from severe PTSD. What Weller finds out is that his former CO is lying, and Gibson was actually given a promotion and higher security clearance. What is the Air Force trying to hide?

Gibson breaks into the home of an Air Force drone specialist and holds his daughter captive in order to threaten him to do what he asks or he’ll never see her again. The major forces the specialist to carry out a personal vendetta and send a missile straight to his former CO, killing her. That’s one way to deal with your issues.

“What if these tattoos are a trap?” Great questions, Jane, but there’s no time to think about unlocking the intent behind your tattooed-cover body. The FBI seems to think the more important question right now is, “Who’s next on the list?”

NEXT: Jane goes on the attack… again[pagebreak]​

Weller and Co. scramble to identify Gibson’s next target: Ivan Musgrave (Jason Alan Carvell). They pay him a visit, which leads to Jane taking him down like the badass she is. In Ivan’s defense, he put up a decent fight… for about 30 seconds. The team narrowly escapes being blown to bits when Gibson shoots a missile their way. Ivan survives and gives them some valuable information by admitting why Gibson would want him dead. Turns out, Gibson was planning on blowing the whistle on an Air Force drone program, which caused massive amounts of collateral damage (a.k.a. killed innocent people and was covered up), and Ivan ratted him out. Gibson may have had good intentions in the beginning, but as Weller points out, once he decided to kill people, he crossed the line.

The final showdown with Gibson comes when they locate him at a construction site, resulting in an intense fire fight between him and Weller. Gibson flees the site, but not before shooting up the SUV Jane’s sitting in. She goes into autopilot and takes off following him in his car. The high speed chase lands Gibson’s vehicle into a dumpster and Jane’s SUV on its sider. Not to fret! Jane is okay, and Gibson is apprehended. Another win for Team Weller and Jane!

Plot twist: Could we be finding out who Jane Doe is already? Weller tells boss Bethany that he might know Jane’s true identity. When Weller was 10 years old, there was a young girl named Taylor Shaw who went missing. He recounts a memory of himself and Taylor climbing a tree and her falling, leaving a scar on the back of her neck… a scar that matches one Jane has. Their ages line up, and Weller feels certain that they are the same person. Mayfair is more skeptical, but we already know she’s hiding something, so who cares what she thinks?

Even more shocking, Weller goes home and tells his sister about the possible connection of Jane and Taylor. That’s when we learn that Weller’s father — who’s currently losing a battle with lung cancer — was accused of kidnapping and killing Taylor. Weller’s mom left his father because of the accusations, which were never proven, but apparently assumed to be true by everyone.

Could Jane really be Taylor Shaw, proving Weller’s father innocent? Where has she been for the past 25 years, and why was she just now sent to Weller with his name on her back? These two have bonded so quickly, it doesn’t seem surprising that they would know each other from childhood.

The disappearance of Taylor Shaw has haunted Weller his entire life. So, now we have a man who can’t let go of his past and a woman who can’t remember hers. Both are looking desperately for answers, but will they like what they find? Chances are, no, since the final scene of the episode is of Jane being grabbed from behind in her house by the mystery man who’s been lurking in the shadows.