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'Blindspot' recap: 'Any Wounded Thief'

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Giovanni Rufino/NBC


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Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton
Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Let the love triangle officially begin! The Blindspot writers are heavily pushing the Ali-Weller relationship, making Jane’s balancing act even more difficult. In this week’s episode we have yet another case to solve, and this time the gang’s personal lives are making work even more stressful. Reade is dealing with breaking up with Sarah, Weller’s having an almost too-cute romance with Ali, and Jane is standing awkwardly on the sidelines — getting unsolicited birthday gifts from Weller. Let’s break it down.

The case this week involves an armored vehicle being hijacked, leaving three men dead. The vehicle has a logo on it that doesn’t match any registered business, leaving the team clueless as to what it was carrying. The three victims were South Korean nationals with clean records and visas issued by a woman named Vanessa Chang who works for the USACMA (United States Army Chemical Materials Agency). Patterson and Co. figure out that the truck was carrying sarin gas, which is so deadly that when a person is exposed to it their insides can liquefy in under a minute. Over 40 cannisters of it was stolen, so the team needs to act quickly.

The team brings in Vanessa and an Army general working with the organization and uncover nothing; both claim they aren’t involved. Vanessa says something about how one of the men killed was involved in some shady business, but she knows nothing aside of that. Patterson, being the sleuth that she is, tracks down that some other military officers were paid a ton of money on the side from the organization and purchased a piece of property. The property was previously a man-made pond that had since been turned into an open, empty field…and it just so happens to have an extremely high electric bill. Knowing something criminal is probably happening, the team searches the field and finds a sewer tunnel leading underground. They find the general, who is housing massive amounts of stolen chemical weapons. He threatens to blow everyone to pieces if they approach him, but of course Jane takes him (and a bomb detonator) out before anything can happen.

The team finds out that Vanessa backstabbed the general for a better deal and track down where the rest of the stolen sarin is being sent for transport. They find Vanessa in the midst of transporting the stolen chemicals, and after a shootout, the team saves the day and stops the deal from going through.

Quite honestly, the case in this episode was the most irrelevant so far in the series. The show has been building up each character with thoughtful story lines that are giving them depth, making us as viewers start to understand — and care about — their decisions and struggles. Whenever the series centers a case around a specific character’s development it thrives, and this episode could have elaborated so much more on each of our leading cast members’ stories. With so much of Taylor’s background being unveiled in recent episodes, this case seemed forced.

The most powerful scenes of the episode were ones of each of our leading stars, like Patterson, who received a call in the beginning of the episode from a restaurant confirming a reservation made by David (obviously, before his death). She was at first confused but realized that David had made a reservation at one of their favorite restaurants as a surprise date night. She immediately wanted to bury herself in work to blur the guilt and pain she was feeling, but she found solace in confiding in Dr. Borden (whose significance we are waiting to be revealed — I’m still pulling for the twist that he works with “Taylor” and was sent there by her).

Anywho, Patterson tells him about the reservation, and he suggests that she go and grieve by celebrating his life, versus clouding herself in guilt. She eventually agrees, and while she’s at the restaurant, she solves his last newspaper crossword puzzle. She finds that he planted a clue for her in the puzzle with three columns next to each other saying, “Got One Patterson.” She knows that it is a clue to one of the tattoo puzzles, and the trailer for next week indicates that she follows the lead solo, getting herself into major trouble. If this is anything like Zapata’s starring episode from the other week where she went undercover, it’ll be a reviving episode from this week.

NEXT: Weller puts his usually brooding aside and gets serious with Ali.


Weller spent the episode in lust with Ali, who is a refreshing complement to his character. She calls him out on his BS, and he doesn’t argue with it. She greets him at work with coffee and breakfast, and later they have a date at her house where she tells him that she’s noticing he is doing the same thing as the last time they dated: finding issues where there are none. She doesn’t want him to distance himself from her for fear of commitment. She challenges him to just go with the flow, like she’s doing, and not let an unknown future ruin the fun they’re having.

While this is probably true, it’s not the only factor that’s giving her bad vibes. Weller gave Jane a birthday present (apparently it’s her birthday), and it’s a necklace that once belonged to her mother. In the episode, Jane has flashbacks of herself — and Oscar — visiting “Taylor’s” grave on her birthday. She sees her family and Weller mourning her, still reeling from her disappearance, proving Weller’s ongoing pain of losing her. When Taylor’s mom died, Weller bought the necklace. She had purchased it after Taylor was born, and it held that significance. Whether Weller had romantic intentions or not, giving Jane that necklace opened up an entire can of emotional worms.

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Speaking of opening up a can of emotional worms, Jane meets with Oscar in their secret spot and stands in front of a mirror while wearing the necklace. Oscar tells her that “they” (meaning the group they work for) didn’t anticipate Weller and Ali getting so close, so she needs to end it. Jane is taken aback, saying that Weller is happy and she doesn’t want to jeopardize that. Apparently, it’s essential to the mission that Weller trust her more than anyone. Jane still isn’t cool with it, and Oscar pulls the pre-memory-swipe/ex-fiancé card and tells her how hard it is to look at her every day and not to be with her or be able to tell her how much he loves her or have her remember what they had (have?).

He lets his emotions get the better of him and grabs her and kisses her. She is surprised, but she doesn’t fight it. She kisses him back, and they throw themselves on the bed. Can we blame Oscar? From the limited flashbacks we’ve seen, they were clearly in love (they were engaged!), and his love for her has been proven with him complying with this mission and babysitting her erased memory.

So what about Reade and Zapata? Reade is wearing his emotions on his sleeve and still upset about his breakup with Sarah, and Zapata has crawled her way back into gambling. We see her visit what must have been one of her go-to spots, and she puts up $5,000 just to walk in the door. Is the agent that’s been blackmailing her for her involvement with Carter driving her to her darkest place?

Questions and Notables:

  • Mayfair confronts Reade about his prior accusations; she thinks he is lying to her because he’s scared about something else. Will she uncover the truth?
  • Now that Jane is reconnecting with Oscar, will she put her personal feelings for Weller aside for the mission? From one of her flashbacks, it looked like she had concerns about involving Weller in the mission to begin with.
  • When will we know more about Taylor’s mission?