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Blindspot recap: Older Cutthroat Canyon

An old enemy of ‘Taylor’ is back to haunt Jane

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Giovanni Rufino/NBC


TV Show
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In Season
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Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton
Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Another week, another new case linked to one of Jane’s tattoos. We begin with a robbery in an art gallery filled with work by a famed, mysterious graffiti artist turned media sensation and Jane getting yet another assignment from Oscar. Jane is forced to comply with Oscar’s mission, as she now knows that the group “they” work for will kill Agent Weller if she doesn’t cooperate. She doesn’t do this without voicing her disgust and frustration to Oscar, though, who seems to still be hopelessly in love with her. Seriously, the guy looks like he’s having an ulcer act up every time he has to talk to her. “Taylor” must have some hold on him that he’d a) let her go through with this and b) continue to keep her in the dark (per Taylor’s orders) post-memory swipe.

Adding more drama to the mix, it was Reade’s turn to have a ton of screen time. He wakes up in the driver’s seat of his car after being whacked across the head last week. His attacker is in the backseat with a mask and a voice-changing device that makes him (or her) sound like a poor man’s Batman. The attacker tells Reade that if he doesn’t stop looking into Carter’s disappearance, the people he love will get hurt. Proving he/she isn’t messing around, Reade sees the person has a photo of Sarah and her son. With the threat on the table, Reade is left alone in his car and able to leave.

Reade had texted Mayfair right before he was attacked, and she’s back at the office waiting for him. He tells her that he was wrong and doesn’t have anything to report, and she’s pissed — but believes him (for now). At least Reade has a new case to distract him from what’s happened. An artist who calls himself Zomo has had one of his paintings stolen from a gallery. This wasn’t just any painting — but the painting of an exact image of one of Jane’s tattoos. Zomo never showed his face, not even to his assistant of seven years. He sent her postcards when he needed to communicate; which to me is more creepy than cryptic, but whatever floats your boat.

When the team heads to the gallery, the are greeted with the sass of the assistant, who says it will be impossible for them to meet with him. Jane says that she needs to grab her radio she left in the car, when she really is going to complete the mission Oscar gave her: putting a chip to put into the FBI team’s vehicle. Knowing Weller’s life is at risk, she feels she has no choice but to follow through.

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Back in the gallery, the team notices some things have been shifted, and they find an explosive hidden underneath a sculpture. Jane walks in just as the explosion goes off, and Weller is seriously injured. He’s taken to the hospital, and the team works to find out who did this. They look at the only photograph in Zomo’s entire collection, which is dubbed a “self-portrait” even though there is an “x” across the man’s face, and have Patterson run the scenery in the background to see if it’s anywhere in the city. Per usual, Patterson doesn’t fail and is able to identify a location.

They head to the apartment building overlooking the view in the photo and decide to go in undercover. Reade and Jane approach the apartment door, and through the peephole, Jane sees someone tied to a chair and bleeding out. The dog with them didn’t sniff out a bomb, so they head inside to try and save him. As soon as they walk in, Jane is shot at, but fortunately she’s wearing a bulletproof vest. Reade makes sure that Jane is okay before heading down to try and catch the sniper. There is a ton of FBI backup that show up, and the shooter must have seen this coming because when Jane runs outside, she runs into the shooter — who’s dressed in full FBI gear. They both look at each other, and Jane remembers him. She sees herself, the shooter, Oscar, and others all around a fire enjoying each other as friends. As the memory fades, the man starts shooting at Jane.

NEXT: Jane takes a gamble and goes to her ex-fiancé for help.