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Blindspot recap: Rules in Defiance

In the most intense episode yet, Jane is given another impossible choice

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Giovanni Rufino/NBC


TV Show
Drama, Mystery, Thriller
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Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton
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In Season

This is one of the first episodes that is mainly dedicated to the rest of the team and not so much Jane. Jane takes a “sick day” to deal with her impossible decisions while the rest of the crew works a case from an anonymous tip received that morning. The tip is obviously from Oscar, who told Jane at their last meeting that he had a time-sensitive case he needed her to prioritize. Jane blew him off, and it looks like he took matters into his own hands.

After some very complicated math and geo-location puzzle solving, Patterson figures out that two of Jane’s tattoos are connected. After connecting the dots, the team is led to a location. They first think the location and the anonymous tip are supposed to lead them to a house, but when they knock on the door a massive shootout ensues. The NYPD is parked near the house and gets in on the action, informing our crew that they just ruined a three-month operation of theirs. Whoops.

Weller and Co. figure out what they were really supposed to be led to is a mural across the street from the house. The mural is of Paloma Diaz, a young woman killed seven years prior. On the mural is an image that is also one of Jane’s tattoos, confirming the lead. Patterson looks into the case, and it appears that Paloma’s boyfriend was convicted of killing her and given the death sentence. The time-sensitive piece? The next day he is scheduled to receive lethal injection — hence the tip from Oscar.

The gang visits the convicted boyfriend, Ronnie, and he’s stubborn about refusing their help. He’s made peace with “what he’s done”, and he asks them to leave. Weller, of course, isn’t buying it. They discover that Ronnie was very much defending his innocence when first convicted, but shortly after his sister’s house was set on fire — with her two kids inside — he pleads guilty. Someone framed and blackmailed him.

They track down the cop who was going to serve as the witness to get him off at the trial and find out that he was going to be slapped with a faux sexual assault charge and lose his job if he testified. He knew that Paloma (who was set to be deported before she died) boarded the deportation bus, but she never actually made it Mexico, so something must have happened to her on the bus taking her to the border. What was his boss hiding?

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Patterson notices that Paloma’s birthdate on her deportation sheet was marked 1885 instead of 1985, made to look like a typo. When they take a deeper look at other women in the system, they find hundreds with the same mistake. What does this mean? Paloma was a victim of trafficking, and her boyfriend was framed for her murder.

Another girl in the system that had the same 1885 flag was scheduled to leave that day, and she looked similar to Zapata. Zapata volunteers to go undercover, with the hopes of catching the kingpin behind the trafficking ring and freeing Ronnie. Patterson gives her a necklace that’s actually a tracking device, and Weller and Reade promise to trail her the entire time. 

Zapata boards the bus and tells Weller and Reade where she’ll be sitting exactly, so they can get a visual on her if need be. As anticipated, the bus makes an unscheduled bathroom break, and while Zapata walks into the restroom, the bus driver injects her with something to knock her out, and she’s taken out back and loaded into another van. Weller and Reade would have been able to see this right away, but the driver took Zapata’s tracker-necklace off and heads back to the bus.

The boys follow the bus, thinking Zapata is inside, but decide to drive next to it to get a visual since they didn’t see her get on. After they realize she’s not on the bus, they turn around and call Patterson to try and look at surveillance cameras to see where she might be. You’d think the kidnappers would have checked the back of the building for cameras before parking their van right in front of them, capturing their faces and criminal activity. Fortunately, they’re idiots. Patterson sees Zapata being loaded into the van and starts searching for clues.

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