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Blindspot recap: Evil Handmade Instrument

‘You did this to yourself.’

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Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton
Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Game changer! Tonight’s episode of Blindspot was filled with death, grief, torture, and new and old boyfriends. We begin where we left off: with the gang looking into David’s case. Patterson can’t go home; she’s still in shock from what’s happened. She begs the FBI psychiatrist to let her stay on the case, knowing that her apartment is filled with memories of David she can’t bear to revisit. Bethany agrees to let her stay on the case for now, and the team starts to look into any clues they have as to who murdered David. (Sidenote: David apparently has a collection of Firefly DVD’s, further proving his coolness and making his death even more heartbreaking. #RIP)

They find a print on David that matches a man named Roger Levkin, a Russian immigrant who gained citizenship by marrying his wife, Emily, 10 years prior. That information combined with the books of code and secret messages from the historical society leads the team to believe that he may be a Russian spy using old-school messaging tactics. Patterson confirms this by decoding the last message left by David’s killer, which said there were “no updates” to report.

The team heads to Roger’s house to question him and find his wife tied to a chair while he holds a gun to her head. Weller takes him down and arrests him to take him in, but Roger tells his wife “sorry” and commits suicide using some sort of poison inside of his mouth. The team tries to tie all of this together and discovers that in Roger and Emily’s circle of friends are two other Russians named Olivia and Kate. They both are married to wealthy, established men, and their timeline of marriage matches Roger and Emily’s.

Kate’s husband has reported her missing (conveniently after David’s death), so the team goes to find the other friend, Olivia, who works at the Queens Museum. As soon as they get there, she runs, but after a motorcycle race (of course Jane knows how to operate a motorcycle at high-speeds) they catch her. Patterson pulls out mad bluffing skills during Olivia’s interrogation and gets her to admit that she was recruited to be a Russian spy as a teenager, and she and her two friends were sent to the U.S. to marry prominent people and report back information.

After David was killed, Olivia says that she and her two friends were given instructions to take out specific targets. If one of them failed to take out a target, someone else on the team would take care of it. Olivia’s target is Boris Ivanovich, a popular New York Times writer who’s known for his anti-Putin articles. When the team tracks him down, they find him dead on a park bench. The team looks into what links the two targets, and put together that both of them are tied to anti-Russian agendas. Emily, Roger’s wife, is a professor who has testified in several congressional hearings in favor of sanctioning Russia for humans’ rights violation.

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Knowing that the next target could be dead at any moment, the gang continues to dig for clues. Patterson is heads down on the case, doing anything she can to help catch her lover’s killer — she discovers that Olivia and Roger both visited the same website after David’s death. The website is for Brighton Beach, a neighborhood with a large Russian presence. There’s a flower shop in the area with flowers containing the same poison that Roger used to kill himself, and there are also signs with the three spies’ code numbers they uncovered from the books at the historical society.

According to Olivia, she can decode only her own messages; clues are given exclusively to each spy. Nothing can stop Patterson at this point, and she’s able to find out that Kate is attending a conference that day where a senator tied to a bill behind aiding the Ukrainian military will be present. Betting that this is most likely Kate’s target, the team heads to the conference.

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