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Black-ish recap: Daddy's Day

Dre rolls out a Bud Light-sponsored challenge to Mother’s Day.

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Dads immediately start fatherhood playing catch-up. There’s no better trump card than, “I carried you in my body and nourished you for nine months,” so it makes sense that moms get the better holiday. It’s hard to challenge that, but if anyone can do it, it’s Dre Johnson.

The issue is that Mother’s Day at the Johnson house is like a personal version of Oprah’s Favorite Things. On the other side of the fence, Dre apparently gets a rubber egg and a copycat mug each Father’s Day. What does that lead to? Daddy’s Day.

Daddy’s Day is what Dre comes up with in response to being overshadowed by Mother’s Day. He placed it in the fall so that it’s not ruined by another holiday, which is the same plan I have for my own wedding — but I’m already ruining Daddy’s Day. It’s not about me: It’s about Dre, y’all.

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Dre sets up the guidelines for Daddy’s Day, which is apparently going to be presented by Bud Light (!!) and lets everyone know that they have until Sunday to prepare. On the other side of the parenting spectrum, Bow has a new favorite child in Junior and a nemesis in Dre’s mom, Ruby, who is the best addition to the cast yet. She assures Bow that he may be kind now, but her day will come. She compares Bow and Junior to her and Dre. Bow isn’t a fan at all.

In actuality, Daddy’s Day is a real thing that Dre’s advertising company is working on. His company decided that it needs a face for Daddy’s Day, and because of Zoey’s “racial ambiguity,” she’s pitched as the star. The issue is that Zoey has no interest in participating. Rashida ​(Zendaya) is though. It’s no surprise, though, because anything that Zendaya touches turns to gold. Take Daddy’s Day and make it fly, Zendaya.

As wonderful a face as Rashida’s might be for Daddy’s Day, Bow points out that it’s a little insensitive that he chose her over his own daughter. That’s when Dre defends himself and decides to move forward with Rashida anyway. The advertising team loves her. So does Dre — so much so that he takes her on the driving lessons he offered to Zoey.

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