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Billions season 1 finale recap: The Conversation

Axe and Rhoades hold a political debate

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Jeff Neumann/Showtime


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There are a lot of tough jobs out there. Construction worker, welder, Donald Trump campaign manager. But probably no job out there is as hard as Wife on Billions, possibly the least attractive career path for any young person to pursue.

Just think about all the nonsense you have to endure as a professional Wife on Billions. Say that your less-than-honest hedge-fund husband makes a costly, possibly criminal error at work. Then it’s on you to pay for his mistake by, in a moment’s notice, having to abscond to another country with your children and a new identity. Or imagine that your husband not only breaks into your computer but also sees a dominatrix without your consent, spies on you at work, and calls you a crook (among other things), leaving you to wonder whether you’re even his partner or rather just a pawn in the childish games he plays with your employer.

These are types of situations one must anticipate before becoming a Wife on Billions, as we learned from the show’s first season finale, which saw Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades plumb the depths of morality in order to best one another, much to the chagrin of their spouses.

Wendy Rhoades

Let’s start with Wendy Rhoades. As many of you predicted, her little clothes-free jaunt in the pool with Bobby Axelrod a few episodes back has come back to bite her.

We’re supposed to believe it’s Christmastime, what with all the wreaths and talk of holiday bonuses. And Wendy’s bonus is especially generous: In addition to a cool $2 million, Axe surprises her outside of her Soho SoulCycle studio with a brand new Maserati. It’s a special little present for the blockbuster session they had in the last episode, which helped him boost his confidence and get his mojo back.

But things quickly go sour when Axe finds out through his sources that Rhoades is investigating the Danzig Incident from earlier this season, when Axe had to bribe a few Greenwich, CT cops to get his boy out of trouble. (Sidenote: Being a Greenwich cop might be one of the best jobs out there.) Needless to say, he places all the blame on her. And while she’s stunned to find out about this, it doesn’t take her long to figure out how it might have happened: Her husband snuck onto her computer behind her back.

This leads to a big fight between Chuck and Wendy, the one that we’ve all been waiting for. Things between them have, after all, been simmering, boiling, bubbling, and other-cooking-word-here for a long time. And the actors really made the most of it, knocking the scene out of the park with impressive range and emotion. She calls him an untrustworthy, unworthy bottom-feeder. He calls her an immoral crook. Paul Giamatti even cries. Acting!

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