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Billions recap: Where the F--- Is Donnie?

One man goes rogue, creating problems for everyone

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Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME


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Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis, Maggie Siff, Malin Akerman
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The pressure is starting to come down on everyone, and all from different angles. Activists, firefighters, judges, performing-arts custodians: They’re all mad at someone on Billions.

But perhaps the person causing the most trouble for everyone is one man named Donnie Caan. Donnie’s the trader who Team Rhoades thought they had flipped on their side but, in actuality, was just a double agent working for Team Axe to dupe their opponents.

But now Donnie’s gone rogue — the man is missing, and neither camp knows what to make of it.

Team Rhoades

Let’s start with what’s going on with this side of the equation. The most notable development is the fact that everyone — the attorney general’s office, Lara Axelrod, the FBI, even his own wife — is more or less aware that Chuck Rhoades has not really recused himself from the Axe Capital case like he says he has. It’s become a sort of wink-wink joke that everyone’s in on. But that’s very bad and scary news for Rhoades (not to mention the rest of his team, whose reputations are on the line, as well). If someone is ever motivated to expose this canard — and at the moment, you could imagine many people who might be motivated — it could be the end of not only this case, but also Rhoades’ career. And maybe his marriage, as well: Wendy has found out that he’s been lying to her about not being on the case, and she seems none too happy about it.

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Then there’s Connerty, the man who is, at least nominally, in charge of the case at the moment. It’s…not going well for him. For one, he’s lost his key informant, Donnie, who’s absconded to God knows where. Second, the wire he had on Donnie couldn’t pick up a crucial piece of information he needed — Donnie and Axelrod had the relevant conversation that would’ve pointed at insider trading in a room that Axe apparently specifically designed to scramble any digital communication, cell phones and wire taps included. Also tricky for Connerty is his romantic life: His FBI girl Terri has decided to end their little tryst. Why? Well, it’s become obvious to her (and everyone else) that his young colleague Kate has become the real apple of his eye. They even decide to set a date for dinner, so at least there’s one bit of good news for him today.

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