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The Biggest Loser recap: No Shame In Your Game

Despite falling below the yellow line two weeks in a row, the brown team manages to stay safe. Meanwhile, sneaky game playing begins, while strong competitors find themselves on the verge of elimination

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Biggest Loser
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The Biggest Loser

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This week, without the nonstop drama of Joelle around, I found it kind of hard to focus on The Biggest Loser. There was no one for me to hate on, and I found myself strangely…bored. Bored and hungry, mostly for some Yoplait yogurt and Extra sugar free gum (I wonder why!). But just like the contestants and their 15-hour workout days — yeah…just like that — I muddled through this low-key episode in the hopes of a satisfying result. And thank goodness I did, because things heated up at the end. More on that later, though — let’s head back to the beginning and see how things unfolded.

After last week’s not-at-all-shocking elimination, in which Joelle (and unfortunately her partner Carla) got the axe in favor of keeping Ron and Mike, the brown team talked with Bob about what they should be doing better to avoid falling below the yellow line for a third week in a row. They’re burning thousands upon thousands of calories per day and eating a much healthier diet than before, so why aren’t they losing big numbers like everyone else?

It turns out the father and son aren’t eating enough food. After years of not paying attention to the food going into your mouth, it seems like common sense that eating fewer calories and working out more would be the key to losing weight (duh). But apparently, if you eat too few calories, it can do more harm than good. Your body just doesn’t have the energy it should to make it through the workout. Lesson learned — eat a balanced diet of healthy food to keep your metabolism up and running. It’s a good point for Bob to harp(er) on (I’m so clever), because it’s probably a common mistake people make when trying to lose weight at home.

But I don’t want to let Ron and Mike off so easily — that can’t be the only reason they aren’t getting the results they are expecting. I know Ron has a knee injury that gives him a huge disadvantage in terms of the type and intensity of exercise he can do, but the producers aren’t doing him any favors by having Bob and Mike talk about how hard he’s working instead of actually showing it. Surely there are upper body exercises we can see Ron complete so we have visual proof of his effort instead of just taking his word for it and seeing shot after shot of him observing Mike?

In the first challenge, the contestants had to balance, one-footed, on a wooden block for as long as possible, much like a flock of wobbly rainbow-colored flamingos. The winner would get a 24-hour visit from a family member. After everyone else had hopped off their blocks, it was down to Mandi, Aubrey, Filipe, and Blaine. Mandi did something I didn’t know she had in her — she craftily talked Filipe and Blaine into bowing out of the challenge so she could spend time with her husband (obviously her sister, who had just spent a month at home, stepped off as well). Once Mandi used her kinda-desperate-emotional-mother voice to beg for some time with her hubby, the boys melted into Mandi’s hands like the no-cholesterol margarine I’m putting on my 100-calorie bag of popcorn right now.

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