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The Biggest Loser recap: Play Responsibly

Melissa and Lance battle it out with the trainers, while one challenge gives the winners power over the others

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The Biggest Loser

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Most. Combative. Episode. Ever. Sorry, decided to put on my comic-book-guy hat for a second. Why? Well, because last night, The Biggest Loser staff decided to borrow from Stan Lee, making his immortal words the theme of the drama-fueled episode: ”With great power comes great responsibility.” So I’m going to use my power to deliver your weekly recaps responsibly, and get started right away! We do, after all, have plenty of ground to cover.

Hi, Ali! The contestants greeted the host, who told them that they would be guaranteed immunity if they won the next challenge. But there was more: They would also be given three envelopes that could influence the outcome of the week. (Of course, we wouldn’t be told what was in those envelopes until after the challenge was complete.) Then she outlined the rules of the challenge: Each team would run the presidential mile to a board of key cards, bring one back with them, and slide it into a machine. If they saw a green check mark on the screen, they got one point. If they saw a red ”X,” no points. The first to three would win. Now, I have two bones to pick with this challenge: First of all, watching this challenge was about as fun as watching a dozen people take out money from an ATM. Secondly, I can’t help but be a little suspicious about the outcome of the challenge. You know producers were wringing their hands, hoping the red team would win yet again, ensuring some major house drama. And what do you know? After ten laps, they won — after a computer that’s fully capable of being programmed by outside sources told them they got their third green check. Hmm. If that doesn’t seal the deal for you, consider this: Ali introduced the challenge with the Spider-Man line: ”With great power comes great responsibility.” Why is this line relevant to my theory? The red team wears the same color Spider-Man wears. (And later faces off with Miggy and Migdalia, who wear the same color as the Green Goblin.) All right, maybe I’m reaching on that last point, but I smell conspiracy! Who’s with me?

After their win, Melissa and Lance looked in the envelopes, which held cards listing disadvantages they were instructed to hand out to teams of their choosing. The disadvantages: No access to the gym, no elimination vote, and a two-pound disadvantage at the weigh-in. The red team had the option of doling out all three to one team, but they decided to play a bit nicer: They awarded John no access to the gym, since his bad knees keep him in the pool most of the time anyway; the no elimination vote card to Michael, since they feared he would vote out of spite after contestants attacked him last week; and the two-pound disadvantage to Migdalia and Miggy, since they had faith the green team would pull big numbers after delivering smaller numbers the past few weeks. This could be considered a smart move, if the green team was a forgiving one. But, unfortunately for Lance and Melissa, Migdalia and Miggy probably still hold a grudge against Kanye. Turns out listening isn’t one of the green teams best traits either, judging by the way Miggy entered the gym, yelling at the red team, ”If it was because of good numbers, come on. I wasn’t in the best numbers in the last two weeks.” Actually, Miggy, that’s exactly why the red team gave you the two-pound disadvantage. Take off the earmuffs!

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