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The Biggest Loser recap: Game On

The appeal of immunity really pushes the contestants’ buttons

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Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

The Biggest Loser

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Welcome to The Sunshine and O’Neal Show, everyone! Take a seat, grab your Kleenex, and prepare to enjoy a whole 120 minutes full of sob-filled entertainment! What’s that you say? There are other cast members on this show? Pshaw! Can they deliver an inspirational moment quite like Sunshine and O’Neal?

No, they can’t. That’s why, yet again, Biggest Loser has delivered to its viewers an entire episode that boasted the yellow team as its centerpiece. Interesting, considering neither Sunshine nor O’Neal went home, scored the highest percentage weight loss of the week, or won immunity. (Sure, Sunshine did win a single challenge — but when has that ever encouraged the show’s producers to highlight a contestant?) No, those titles would go to Melissa, Vicky, and Sam, yet, they didn’t receive as much fanfare as Sunshine or O’Neal.

Not that I blame Biggest Loser‘s producers. Watching the yellow team get emotional is kind of like watching Bambi — even seeing it on repeat, you will get teary-eyed. But I’ve only seen Bambi twice. And how many times have I seen Sunshine and O’Neal cry? Oh, about the same number of times I’ve craved a peanut butter cup sundae at Friendly’s. (Translation: about a trillion times.) I’m not going to say that I’m now bored of all the Sunshine-O’Neal tears, but I fear if the focus remains on these two, I will begin to pick my nails instead of intently tuning in. After all, when Sunshine turned in a big number on the scale, leading O’Neal to talk about for the trillionth week in a row how proud he is of her, I began to wonder what wouldn’t make O’Neal proud. I bet Sunshine could walk in and tell O’Neal, ”Hey Dad, I just came back from robbing a bank and, on the way home, I killed a bunny and met Spencer Pratt and we decided to get married. Oh, and I’ve decided to begin worshipping Satan.” And O’Neal would still weep with pride.

That being said, I am someone who does enjoy all the warm fuzzies this season. And I love the fact that when the remaining contestants were tempted by gameplay, they totally rejected the apple and decided to turn this whole process into a fair game. Even Mike, who some would claim got a bit too crafty weeks back while dividing the teams. This, of course, was much to the chagrin of Melissa, who started off the episode by saying: ”We are in week 12. These people are still not in gameplay. They don’t appreciate the prize at the end.”

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