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The Biggest Loser recap: Heartless

With this week’s elimination, the show moves firmly into game-play mode as Abby leaves behind the more strategic players

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Two hours of The Biggest Loser per week means that, by this halfway mark in the season, we know every single player very well. Look at Tracey, Shay, and Allen — on any other show, they would be the one-dimensional Villain, Victim, and Hero, but we know what drives them. We see them at their best, and we see them at their worst. It may be better for people who get eliminated early on the show — they leave before we can see them betray themselves.

With that in mind, let’s start off this recap with the contestant who, with her elimination, effectively ended the ”see them at their best” portion of the season:

Abby: Black

Last night kicked off with the Black team walking into the Biggest Loser living room, sans Dina (and avec Daniel.) The Blue Team was surprised, even shocked. ”There’s no good choice and there’s no good answer,” Abby said, by way of explanation. Blue didn’t believe her, and Abby didn’t believe herself.

It’s been a difficult season for her. After getting benched by Dr. Huizenga for bad legs, she’s never really been able to participate in the challenges. But last night’s most thrilling moment belonged to Abby. Usually, when Jillian gets people to breakdown mid-workout, she forces them to cry by screaming at them.

But she approached Abby with reverence. ”What’s it like to lose everything you’ve ever loved?” asked Jillian, looking a lot like a robot asking a human child what emotions feel like. Abby: ”You can’t dream it in your worst nightmare.” Jillian’s tear ducts opened for the first time in centuries. ”I’m strong,” said Abby, ”I’m gonna live. I’m gonna make it, and I will be all that I’m supposed to be.”

In that moment, I think that Abby won this season of The Biggest Loser. You knew right then that she was going to take the first bus home to her adorable parents and to the little neighborhood kids holding ”I HEART ABBY” signs. Because Abby was never here to win a contest; she was here to save her life. She did. And now the contest can begin.

Tracey: Blue

It was Face-Off week, which meant that each contestant went one-on-one against another at the weigh-in. Ali announced that whichever team won the first challenge of the night would get to decide who faced off against who. Tracey’s eyes shot wide open at the promise of power. It makes sense that she ended up facing off with Abby; the two represent two very different sides of The Biggest Loser.

This is an inspirational show about people saving their own lives: hugs, noble tears, and celebration dances. But it’s also about how normal people are corrupted by their own good intentions. Several commenters have said that they dislike the second half of every season because it becomes more about the gameplaying than the weight loss. For those people, last night had to be dispiriting. With Abby gone, Tracey’s gameplaying spirit reigns supreme.

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