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The Biggest Loser recap: Makeover Madness

The six remaining contestants get spruced up, visit with their families, and then fight to stay one more week

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Last time on the EW.com Biggest Loser recap: ”Is Amanda still in this game? Does anyone think she has more than one week left on the ranch?” Fellow viewers, I never pretend to have any idea what I’m talking about, and Amanda’s stunning showing last night (it was her best weigh-in ever) proves that this season is still wide open.

The episode was only 90 minutes (thanks, Merry Madagascar!), but they crammed in quite a bit. Let’s take a look:

Makeover Madness

Ali was dropping some knowledge on the Losers: ”For the rest of your lives, people are going to ask you to motivate them and inspire them.” They’d be getting a head start by giving a personal speech to a crowded auditorium. But first, they’d get the NBC-Universal Corporate Sibling Makeover Treatment. Out of a limo stepped Tim Gunn, who instantly classed this episode into the stratosphere, and Tabatha Coffey, who looks like a Romulan-Human hybrid.

I imagine that there’s a swath of Loser watchers who dislike Makeover week, but there’s something utterly touching about how Tim and Tabatha approach their jobs. They’re not trying to make these people look good; they’re trying to help them look more like themselves. ”Don’t cover me all up,” Rebecca asked, happy with her body for the first time in years. ”I’m proud of you as you are,” said Tim, ”and I’m gonna show you off.”

Meanwhile, Rudy was haggling with Tabatha over his prodigious facial hair. ”It’s a little bushy,” he admitted, ”but it’s gotta stay. Abraham Lincoln had a beard, y’know? Distinguishing!” Tabatha was unconvinced.

Let’s rate the makeover results, saving the best for last:

Danny:: Tim Gunn Epic Fail! Dressed in an atrocious sweater, Danny looked like a ’70s PGA washout-turned-used car salesman. But full credit to Tabatha: Danny’s clothes said ”Creepy Dude Hanging Around The Playground,” but his hair said ”Ted McGinley In His Prime.” D+

Liz: She was the least made over of the whole bunch, but it was nice to see her wearing something more ladylike than a brown T-shirt. C

Amanda: I didn’t really notice her makeover, because her eyes still didn’t change. All season I’ve been trying to figure out what the look in her eyes reminded me of. I figured it out last night: see here C+

Rudy: Dapper professorial jacket: nice! But come on, Tabatha, I gotta have more beard. Fortunately for Team Facial Hair, Rudy already had a Fifteen O’Clock shadow by episode’s end. B

Rebecca: Hubbah yowza kaWHA? Rebecca was sporting a fetching bowl cut and a subtle-glam wardrobe. Tim Gunn: ”You look like a movie star.” Check that: Rebecca looked like a French New Wave movie star: classy, giddy, vivacious. A

Allen: Tim Gunn Redemption! Silver-suit pink-tie perfection. ”This is a rebirth of Allen Smith,” he said. ”This is the best day of my life.” Put simply: whoa. A+

Surprise: everyone’s families were there! I’m a pretty easy cry when it comes to the family stuff; I’d say the most moving were Rebecca with her (much thinner) sister, and Danny hugging his totally adorable family.

The speeches were mostly the personal stories that we viewers have heard before, but that didn’t make them less moving. Allen shed manly tears, Amanda’s speech seemed the most overly practiced, and Liz’s was the funniest. (”I told my husband, the dryer shrunk my shirt! The dryer shrunk my pants!”)

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