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The Biggest Loser recap: The Wrath of Ron

After a temptation challenge with a valuable prize lured every player into participating, the elimination was decided on the vote of just one person

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Helen Shanon
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

The Biggest Loser

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After last week’s Biggest Loser elimination shocker, I expected the fallout from the close vote to be shambolic. But death threats? As you may recall, the red team’s Nicole returned to the competition on Tuesday after losing the most weight of the eliminated players. She was supposed to have immunity for the week, but lost the advantage when she gained five pounds at the weigh-in. She and Ron fell below the yellow line, and the vote ended up 4-3 in favor of sending her home. Fast forward to last night, and ”King” Ron (as some of y’all have dubbed him) was royally pissed at the blue team and Helen for having the balls audacity to vote for him. Like, pissed. Instead of showing his anger like a normal person, however, he called on God to smite them: ”For those of you who kept me here, thank you very much. Those who didn’t — may you get struck down and die.”

Whoa — is this Election or is this a reality TV competition? Listen, Tracy Flick, you lost the popularity contest. It’s not the end of the world. I know your son is the one who just graduated from high school, Ron, but maybe you need a refresher on not being a sore loser. And saying you knew Filipe ”was a piece of s— from the beginning?” The opposite of cool. Like, if cool were a vegetable, you’d be a tomato. WHICH IS A FRUIT. That uncool. Chill out. As Tara said, ”I would be afraid for Filipe and Sione. They might find a horse head in their bed.”

The first temptation challenge in a long while involved 100 of those covered dishes BL seems to be so fond of (I kept expecting the cutlery to start dancing and singing ”Be Our Guest”). Under most of the trays was a high-calorie treat (cupcake, pretzel, soda, bag of chips), some had Extra sugar-free gum and a monetary prize, and one had a ”golden ticket.” If the contest was only for cash, I’m sure nobody would’ve participated. However, the golden ticket was a pretty spectacular prize: assuming you didn’t fall below the yellow line at the weigh-in, you’d get to cast the single vote at the elimination. Once they heard that, the contestants started tearing through those treats like Carrie Bradshaw at a sample sale. After a few snacks, Kristin realized that the risk of eating the treats was too great (thousands of calories equals more pounds), so she sat back and watched her competitors gobble down refined sugars while vowing to keep herself above the yellow line.

Finally, with only a few trays left, Laura found the golden ticket (yet again, Laura won the random voting power prize) and the trainers entered the gym to make the contestants wallow in the shame of eating 3,000-4,000 calories in one sitting. Always one to put things bluntly, Jillian stated that everyone was an idiot for eating so much, and that she and Bob couldn’t wait to ”take turns beating the crap out of [the contestants].” Charming. Meanwhile, Laura and Tara plotted about Tara possibly throwing the weigh-in so whoever else came in at the bottom would get voted off. That same idea was tossed around by Jillian and the other contestants throughout the episode, with the general consensus being: bad idea. What if Laura messed up this week too? With the amount of times they brought it up, I was certain this was blatant foreshadowing and Tara would get a one-way ticket back to New York.

The product placement seemed more frequent than usual this week, especially when the contestants went to Subway for lunch to ”learn how to eat right in the real world.” Didn’t we have this same lesson a couple weeks ago when Bob made his team hike to two different franchises? Ostensibly, it was also a chance for season 6’s Jerry and Coleen to show the Losers it was possible to maintain their weight loss and ”succeed” post-show. No disrespect, NBC, but when you have two ”successful” contestants in a mini-Where Are The Now? appearance and they’re building subs as a sandwich artist, maybe you should rethink your contrived plot device. All jokes aside, they looked great. But really.

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