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Big Brother recap: The Last Laugh

Da’Vonne attempts to save herself from eviction while the twin twist is uncovered in the process.

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Is the Big Brother house filled with cowards, or simply people wanting to evict someone they don’t trust or think will further the game? That’s the question on hand for tonight’s eviction episode, but, sadly for Da’Vonne, the answer doesn’t much matter, as either way she’s the one sent packing.

But Mama Da’ does not go quietly into that good night. No she rages, rages on against those in the house she deems coward, using every trick and BB Takeover power in the book to keep her place in the house. That power is Kathy Griffin’s Last Laugh, which she informs the houseguests will grant whoever has it the ability to nullify three votes on eviction night.

A magical telephone booth appears in the living room. But it’s not there to travel through time, take the houseguests to the Ministry of Magic, or hold Colin Farrell hostage. Instead, Kathy Griffin(‘s assistant) has placed it there to offer players the chance of winning The Last Laugh. While we know it’s the seventh call that holds the Last Laugh, Griffin withholds that information from the houseguests.

One person who will certainly not win the power? James, who doesn’t even know what the booth is called despite the word “phone” being written in all capital letters near its top. Da’Vonne is determined to win, even willing to further infuriate Clay to do so.

Clay declares to the house that seven is his number. So which call does Da’Vonne answer? Why, the seventh, of course. Clay storms off to cry about it to Shelli like a third grader with a bruised ego—I swear he was sipping on a juice box while saying “But it was MY call”—and even if he doesn’t know it, he has good reason to be upset. Da’Vonne has the power, and will have to choose three houseguests who she knows will vote against her no matter how much she pledges allegiance to her competitors.

But that’s not the only task at hand for the eviction nominee. She has to rally the nonexistent troops, convincing houseguests that she’s worth keeping. When confronted, Vanessa says she’ll vote to keep her. So does John. And so does Audrey, who wants to make the enemy of her enemy her friend and partner with Da’Vonne.

Even Liz/Julia promises to protect Da’Vonne… after a little coercion. Da’Vonne suspects the twin twist is in full effect, telling her closest confidant Jason about her suspicions. (They divide the two by nice and mean, fat and skinny, hard-working and lazy because sadly being vain in this case actually helps in determining the twist.) They then tell another group of houseguests before Da’Vonne confronts the alleged twin about it. Rather than implicate herself, though, Da’ tells “Liz” that some people in the house are talking about her possibly being a twin. Da’Vonne simply wants to protect her from what that talk could do to her game. To accomplish that, she’ll need to stay in the house, and she appears to score Liz/Julia’s vote in the process.

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