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Big Brother: Season 17 first nominations and Battle of the Block

Alliances are formed, a backdoor plan begins to take form, and Jace gives a soliloquy on the power of the bro.

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The houseguests have been introduced, beds chosen, and Heads of Household solidified. With the two-part premiere out of the way, it’s time to start actually playing Big Brother. And our new crew dive right in, wasting no time forming alliances, sparking showmances, and veering close to breakdowns.

Let’s start with those alliances. After just a few days in the house, they’re already beginning to figure out who they connect with, who can help them in the game, and who should be kicked out week 1.

Some bonds are forced, however, as Da’Vonne and Vanessa discover what Phil Keoghan has in store for them after sitting out the HoH competitions. Applying more Amazing Race synergy, he brings over that game’s fast forward, allowing the two of them to bypass being nominated or evicted this week. The catch that actually forces them to play the game is that they each must choose another houseguest to receive the same saving grace.

Vanessa (who apparently can only use poker-related verbs like bet, call, and bluff in her Diary Room sessions; luckily for her, most of them can apply to the game) interviews the others, making an unlikely alliance and choosing Austin. Meanwhile, Da’Vonne, who was hoping the prize would be money because, again, so far it’s all about poker for this pair, saves Liz.

Austin has also bonded with Jace, who believes he’s bonded with everyone else in the house when, in truth, he’s simply putting them off with his bro-y, male chauvinism. But the two find common ground while using shells by the pool as cell phones, their grip on reality already slipping in the first week. They call themselves Shelltown, and Austin is happy with the alliance because 1) Jace is a fellow bro and 2) Jace is so bro-tastic that the other houseguests will want to evict him long before they even look at Austin. (Bro Code #172: If you’re bro-ing with a bro so people won’t notice how bro you bro, never let that other bro suspect you’re not his full bro.)

Jeff, who seems contractually obligated to mention The Amazing Race at least twice an episode–and that he and Jackie were partners on it at least five times more than that–is worried about the target on his back. He assumes he and Jackie are instantly threats for coming into the game having already had their 15 minutes on CBS. He wants to make sure he and Jackie avoid painting a bigger target on themselves.

So he tells her this… behind a closed door while lying in the same bed together. Great strategery there, Jeff.

Another two-person alliance forms as Shelli and Clay have a hammock huddle sesh. Shelli’s dreams are coming true, and she has to avert her eyes from the dazzling halo she sees dancing around Clay while they talk. But good news for Shelli, who announced her showmance crush from minute one — Clay is interested in her as well.

NEXT: Steve’s dreams come crashing down around him.