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Big Brother recap: The Rewind button is put into play

The Rewind button is put into play and just as quickly implemented.

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Big Brother

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“Mom, can I be on Big Brother when I grow up?”

“Well sure, sweetie, but why?”

“So I can meet my future husband, duh!”

Is this our future America? Rachel and Brendon, Daniele and Dominic—two BB showmances that ended at the altar were both fully blossomed in season 13. Tonight, another couple from that very lucky season got engaged when fan favorites Jeff and Jordan returned to the place where it all started for them: a smelly Hollywood soundstage. And if you’re wondering, no this had absolutely nothing to do with the actual game still being played in the rest of the house—though technically tonight’s entire episode really didn’t matter. Except for the proposal, of course, but more on all of that later.

Good thing Nicole got evicted (again) on Thursday and didn’t see any of this though because she may have felt a lot of pressure as she and Hayden are now seemingly the next in line for another BB romance. Or at least the next season of The Amazing Race.

Wouldn’t it be great if “booing” was generally more accepted in society? We’re all a little too nice sometimes, don’t you think? Well, thankfully the studio audience at Thursday’s eviction had the chutzpah enough to do exactly that when Christine was the second person evicted that night. Of course, as the audience we have a completely different perspective of what’s going on inside the house (i.e. we see everything) whereas the contestants are only clued in to what they are told to be true (i.e. they know nothing). Cody was nervous and a little shocked by the audience’s reaction, questioning what behavior of Christine’s may have caused the ruckus. Don’t worry, he’s gonna realize it’s all probably about him in a couple minutes.

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