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Big Brother recap: Battle of the Block episode 3

The first Battle of the Block competition takes place, but it’s the paranoia inside the house that is the real war.

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“Paranoia, paranoia/ Everybody’s coming to get me” —Harvey Danger

It’s well known that Big Brother contestants lose touch with reality. But did anyone expect it to happen quite so soon? One day, likely in the very near future, Devin will be sitting in his home watching this episode and will see just how quickly he allowed his paranoia to run rampant. “If only, if only,” the woodpecker Devin will sigh. If only I didn’t get too cocky too soon. If only our alliance didn’t have the dumbest name. If only Donny wasn’t so damn funny.

Devin may not be out of the game just yet, but last night certainly put a target on his back, even if he’s not currently sitting on the block. Sunday night’s Big Brother marked the beginning of a new chapter in the long-running series: The Battle of the Block, a new weekly competition, would determine which of the two HoH’s nominations would stand, and which current HoH’s would be allowed to continue to rule for the rest of the week.

Let’s start from the top: After winning the second HoH, Caleb was riding high. Frankie… not so much. Wanting to make sure he wouldn’t go down in Big Brother infamy for winning HoH and getting booted the same week, Frankie got Caleb alone, and basically sang some Jump 5 to him: “I’ve heard some people say/ that opposites attract/ if that’s the truth then we/ we belong together.” Caleb liked the idea of the two potential foes joining forces, but—in a video game-esque speech—”we’re only two people, and this game is all about numbers. I think it’s time to start searching for some soldiers.”

Cue recruiting Devin and Derrick. Devin was all about an all-guy alliance because women be emotional, man. File this comment away for about 20 minutes from now, when Devin starts to go crazy, and logical Christine and Amber are having the best time of their week. Derrick, to his credit, verbalized what viewers were likely yelling at their televisions: It’s way too early to be making these kind of long-term alliances. You don’t know these people! And a big all-guy alliance does not exactly have a great track record on this show—and it’s easy to see why not, after the rest of the episode played out.

After convincing Devin and Derrick to join the cause, the gang also brought in Zach Attack (“Floaters, be prepared, you’re about to get bombed!”), as well as Cody the Hunk to join the Bomb Squad (Bomb Squad? Try Ticking Time Bomb). Hey Caleb, maybe don’t name your alliance something that can easily be twisted into negative comments about your group i.e.: I can’t wait to watch this thing explode before it even takes off. Caleb managed to sneak in one more dismissive comment about the women in the house, and then the Bomb Squad was assembled and ready for action. Tick, tick, tick…