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Big Brother recap: Skittles nomination

The fate of the Bomb Squad is put into a rainbow as the final Battle of the Block results have us seeing deja vu, if anything at all.

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Probably one of the best things about Big Brother is that each year it always makes the summer feel a lot longer than it actually is. Here we stand at week nine and only half of the original 16 houseguests have been evicted. The remaining 8 feature some of the Crazy Eights, one of the Double Ds, most of the Bomb Squad, all of the Detonators, half of the Rationale, both Hit Men… and Victoria. Needless to say, loyalty has had many different meanings this summer.

One thing that has always remained the same though is that there would only be one winner, and it looks like this week the players finally started to realize that. Frankie is back on top with Derrick as the Heads of Household, but they are both working with 4 out of the 6 other people left. Since they each need to nominate two people, well, you can do the math and so can they—someone in the alliance has got to go up. But who? Would someone volunteer? Would Frankie and Derrick have to pick on their own? With such an important decision to make so late in the game, I’m sure the two of them will think of a very practical, strategic, and fair way to select their nominations.

It was nice of Frankie and Derrick to give Victoria the week off the block and tell everyone that before the nominations ceremony. “Really?” We were just as surprised as you Victoria. So with Victoria no longer an option to nominate against Donny, you know that old guy with a beard who keeps hanging around, another alliance member would have to be put up with him and throw the Battle of the Block competition. Oh wait, I’m sorry—I must have accidentally started watching last week’s episode. Oh just kidding—it seems that no one (except for Cody) learned anything from last week’s epic fail of a plan to throw the BOB. They are actually going to try and do it once more. But again, Frankie and Derrick are two smart guys who have been playing this game hard from the beginning—surely they won’t make a stupid mistake like that again.

And now time for our weekly reminder that Frankie is related to Ariana Grande. This week was a special edition, though, because for the first time, it featured actual pictures (a.k.a. proof) of the two siblings together. It also gave Zach an excuse to probably fulfill some fantasy in his head that he’s attracted to Ariana (#Zariana4EVER) and not actually Frankie. But long, sensual hugs with homosexuals you say you love at 3:15 in the morning is probably going to trend otherwise. #ComeOutComeOutWhereverYouAre

The Bomb Squad had a meeting to discuss the nominations at which Frankie and Derrick told everyone their plan to have a total of 3 members put up all against Donny. Okay—so now is the time for all of their brain power to come into play and methodically make the right decisions. But no one is volunteering in this exercise of silence and I guess no one liked the Rocks/Paper/Scissor idea either (probably because it came from Zach). So, out of Christine, Cody, Caleb, and Zach, how would they decide who would be the one person not nominated and who would be the one to go up with Donny?

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