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Big Brother recap: Frankie wins BOB competition

The girls take control for the week, but Caleb makes a fatal decision that keeps Frankie’s game afloat.

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Big Brother

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It’s amazing how quickly a friendship can change in the Big Brother house. Take Nicole and Christine for example. At the beginning of the season, the two spectacled blondes used their mutual love for the show to form a friendship that seemed like it would last beyond this summer. Well, it made it past the halfway point at least. And who could forget about #Zankie, unless you are forcibly trying to get it out of your mind now that everyone’s favorite bromance is no more. It’s clear friendships, however vital they are to game play, come and go in the house. After her real best friend Hayden was evicted in last week’s double elimination, Nicole went on the attack against everyone, specifically Christine and Frankie and officially parked a very large, yet invisible, bus in the middle of the house for everyone to get thrown under.

In all the madness of the accusations and revelations, the quiet observer Derrick just sits back and takes hypothetical notes on all the information being revealed and quickly comes up with a new plan that he can put into action, whether or not he has the power. Zach definitely has the power to get on Nicole’s nerves and she refuses both a dance and an egg sandwich from the gator dingus. But don’t forget about the cowboy Caleb. He has some thoughts and feelings and popping bubbles in his head too about Frankie and Christine’s behavior. At the HOH competition, it was all eyes on the prize in a sight-reading tournament-style game. Poor Donny knew he wouldn’t be good at the competition from the beginning because his “brain just wasn’t made to think that way,” but he could have used Zach’s strategy of just randomly hitting a number and guessing without actually trying to read the question. It worked once! And then it cost him the power to Christine, who won alongside her frenemy Nicole. In a male-dominated season, how great for two girls to win HOH. How awful that it’s two girls who can’t get along with each other right now, but just like love, power can bring people together just as much.

Frankie, once the most powerful person in the house, has got a problem he would like to be without (subtle Ariana Grande reference intended). Because the truth never lies, he knows that the things being said about him around the house about trying to get Zach evicted are in fact true and Frankie is now nervous that Nicole might try and use that against him and nominate him. Not only is his sister a singing superstar, but let’s not forget that Frankie is literally an actor by trade. Mamma Mia! on Broadway is no Shakespeare, but Frankie quickly took on the part of Macbeth with Christine as his Lady M and proposed a plot to Nicole for the three of them to work together after Frankie reveals he has been “working with the other side of the house.” Christine doesn’t take to her casting too well and would rather write the script than have Frankie speak for her. “I have no idea what to do with that boy.” Well, one option is to try to evict him… you know the point of the game that you’re all playing.

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