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Big Brother recap: Time to shake things up

Nicole and Donny bring the first big power shift of the season as Zach’s game starts to fall like dominoes.

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Big Brother

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True or false: some of these HOH competitions need to be thought through a little more. Another one went too long into Thursday’s live show so a tie-breaker question was needed to finally crown the winners. And though the competition itself may have been boring, the results were quite the opposite with Nicole and Donny gaining power as the new HOHs, the first houseguests not a part of The Bomb Squad (or Detonators) to have control. Nicole, being her adorkable self, couldn’t decide whether or not to be excited that she won because she was so stressed out the last time she was HOH. Ugh, being in power sucks doesn’t it? Well not when Donny is tickled pink and excited to work with you Nicole, so cheer up!

Zach pretended to be upset to lose HOH when in reality, he didn’t want to have the power/target two weeks in a row. He awarded himself an Academy Award for his acting abilities in the moments after the competition, but I was smelling more of a Razzie vibe. With a potential power shift in the game at stakes, Derrick questioned Donny’s loyalty to Team America, especially since it was pretty much Donny’s decision not to complete last week’s task. Donny and Nicole consult with each other and mutually agree that they should work with Hayden to help figure out this week’s nominations. Well, Hayden officially in their minds was there to help them even though everyone else in the house obviously had their moment of trying to convince them why they shouldn’t be the ones of the block. For such a fan of the show, why was Nicole so surprised¬†by the power she suddenly gained anyway? You can shake things up now girl!

Girl power seems to be on Nicole’s mind as she seems to have at least a male target on her mind for the week, potentially Cody, Frankie, or Derrick, simply because they are the only houseguests left who have yet to be nominated this summer. Continuing his “act,” Zach tries some weird version of reverse psychology with Nicole and volunteers himself on the block and then quickly tries to get information out of his favorite Froot Loop dingus. Yeah, Nicole didn’t forget about that Zach, so why would she tell you anything? Why? Go hang out with Frankie like you always seem to be doing. While talking with Derrick, Nicole sees an opportunity to take a big target out of the game, oh like Frankie who just walked by. Derrick pretends to agree with Nicole’s plan, but actually remains loyal to Frankie. Well, actually only in his head because he’s not gonna tell anyone (except you America!) just in case Nicole stays in power because better Frankie than him!

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