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Big Brother recap: The house always wins

The house’s plan to get Devin evicted continues to roll out, while romantic issues begin to cause tension in the game.

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Big Brother Recap

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At this point in the competition, it’s pretty clear that no one likes Devin anymore. His social game completely backfired on him and once he was no longer Head of Household, the entire house put together a strategic plan to backdoor Devin and make him the third evicted houseguest. Zach made it very clear last week that Devin was his only target if he stayed in the game. Now, the self-described lone wolf is everyone’s target. A very muscularly, mentally unstable (and single father, has he mentioned that yet?) target.

Luckily Nicole did get to return after “disappearing” from the competition when she was dethroned HOH. Unfortunately, she has to wear a frog costume for the entire week. Hayden still finds Nicole attractive, or maybe even more so now in a freaky way. In the kingdom of Big Brother, Prince Hayden tells Nicole he will change the story for her so that he can kiss the frog. All the girls swoon at this romantic comment as this little school boy crush intensifies each week. So far, Nicole and Hayden’s attraction to each other hasn’t affected their game play. The same cannot be said however for the king and queen of the castle.

Caleb’s own crush on Amber has grown to such an extreme that his comments to and about her make their relationship sound quite intense, practically implying that he controls her. Amber, however, does not want to continue playing the game this way. She confides in her friend Cody that she doesn’t like Caleb as much as he likes her and that his behavior is driving her crazy. Of course this was all while Cody was giving Amber a slightly sensual back massage just in Caleb’s evil eye sight. Who knows if Caleb is thinking about the game or just Amber at this point, but he confronts Cody about his concern. But since they are both just two good looking guys with names that begin with C, they come to an understanding. Well, almost. With Caleb already up on the block, Cody sees his paranoia as maybe the one opportunity to get him out of the game. Derrick agrees that if the original plan to backdoor Devin somehow doesn’t work, then this could be plan B, for blindside.

Team America (Donny, Frankie, and Derrick) completed their first mission of the season by convincing the house that Zach was a cousin of Amanda from season 15. Apparently every Jew from Florida looks the same. Zach found the whole thing to be hilarious and seems to be having fun playing along, even though it won’t really make a difference for his game anyway.

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